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ICONS AND MISTS   Novel Series  By Joseph Arena  ( Excerpts )


Dragon Spine Inn pulsed with dark netherworld magic that in essence performed as an energy of vital but evil life force. This very same enormous edifice veritably towered as an ancient sentinel of the abyss. Indeed Dragon Spine Inn virtually throbbed as an ebony coal center of savage demon heart driven hatred of all that was founded on goodness. It was the very instrument of fear and doom. Fueled by the energies of the black flame abyss and the furious rage of the dark netherworld prince, Dragon Spine Inn functioned as an ultimate den of villainy within the monstrous Craven Empire.

The community of Black Talon Town encompassed Dragon Spine Inn and both were fueled by netherworld power fury felt forces of dark energies. However it is unquestionably Dragon Spine Inn’s beating hellish drawn essences of netherworld powers that make the towering edifice a true domain of  vexing horror.

Evidently this mystical structure is an open door to the dark netherworld prince. Dragon Spine Inn drew into itself all of the dark one’s destructive directives.  Those dark energies of the netherworld prince powerfully poured, channeled into the Inn’s very structure and internal rooms. Each of the dwellings inside and the huge edifice itself were in effect turned into portals of the underworld’s will.

Dragon Spine Inn drew through itself all that is most wretchedly vile, evil and demonic spreading the deadly shroud of horrors throughout Black Talon Town and all of Nether Root province.

Many multiple dimensional lines of electromagnetic fields, also called mystical lay lines of power, jutted out upon one or more of this world’s most mysterious regions. These regions on the planet of Azure,  were places of unusual or misunderstood occurrences.


With the enigma of the Nexus, by the Will Of The Great High King Whom Enables All the Nexus gateways are locked onto both our planet of Azure and the legendary origin world called Earth. Ancient Galaxies spawn at the creation of space, time and matter linked by the Nexus, were scattered across a myriad legion of vast alternate universes, including our own universe.

In our universe the NEXUS links through into our key solar system and our world of Azure. The names of our green blue fresh water seas and lake dotted water bodies are many, but the largest of them is known as the sea of Namor. However the most remarkable waters of the planet of Azure are it’s orbital ones, that form a shell around our world with their life extending, protective, super cold conductive and magnetic, shielding.

These waters above Azure’s terrestrial bodies of water are truly spectacularly unique. This planet encompassing additional ice shield, found at the highest atmospheric layer, is a special life enhancing shield once again is known to all Azure, as the waters above the waters. This shield is the most vital factor allowing near immortality to all of the lifeforms on the planet of Azure.

The peninsula that sustained one of the most ancient of citadels was known by many different names. Some called the realm the ebony abyss or Nether Root. By whatever name that festering mist shrouded region of misery and villainy was the hellish domain from when-st sprung forth the darkest of demon influenced evil edifices…the enormous Dragon Spine Inn and it’s vile surrounding community of the draconian Craven Empire.

All of these truly ancient dwellings that were infused with the mystical stings of venomous incantations, soul shredding life leaching arts and the deadliest of the ebony flame abyss prince’s most powerful cast cursing of netherworld enchantments spewed out from the pit of torments. The most lethal by far from among these sinister heartlessly despicable and cursed communities is the demon and Craven controlled Black Talon Town.


Black Talon Town is the most ancient community of evil and sadistic dark horrors that resided within desert, jungle and swamp regions. It was towards the center of Nether Root Province, in from the coastal areas, near the middle of the huge peninsula, that Black Talon Town could be encountered; should any sojourning party survive the snares and dangers of its’ region.

All of Nether Root lay riddled by primeval wilderness filled with unimaginable creatures from every age and form across countless worlds. Far more than these dangers came the deadly hazards from those environments and creatures introduced into our world via the dreams of those entities and individuals with special minds of power.

Nether Root rested predominately in the hollow of a fractured depression. Black Talon Town itself towered in what was essentially a hole so huge it formed a vast valley of wilderness landscape types all radiating outwards across a mega volcanic crater. Massive and ancient the super-crater was still pulsing with hundreds of mud bubbling, water steam shooting quizzers, sulfur and noxious fume sputtering pools and low lying death zone areas networked with tightly overgrown regions.

The surrounding regions are thickly locking and shifting into each other with seemingly endless miles of deep steaming fogs and slimy moss covered trees in humid gloomy fens, or mist shrouded sweltering swamps. Different zones woven throughout Nether Root included burning bone bleaching deserts where giant insect, huge dinosaur and immense serpent and reptile inhabited poisonous thorn spiked stems on ferns and strangling vines and regions of snarled vast jungle wilderness domains.

However it was Dragon Spine Inn that was the first structure of vile venomous demonic darkness that towered in the heart of Nether Root province on continental Usher’s immense peninsula of many names. In truth this peninsula is the largest of this worlds unique and strange off continent extensions. Nether Root province made up nearly one third of the extended landmass upon and beneath the huge peninsula.  Many different types of civilizations traded and thrived on the other two thirds of the peninsula.

Countless communities appeared from on high as vast collections of open overflowing treasure chests piled upon giant clearings where marble, granite, brightly painted wood and glass domed well lit towering edifices seemingly induced illusions of each community stretching out luminous shafts or living fingers of energy into the air. Many of these larger city and kingdom communities buildings are reinforced with Ultra Ore pins, bars and beams of mighty Azure metal.

Each centers roadways structures and dwelling exuded wondrous light and colors. The villages, towns, cities and kingdom realms were thriving living centers of freedom, hope and unity. And all these communities and realms appeared to the power hungry and conquest driven ruling population that inhabited the despot empire of Nether Root province to be spoils for the taking. Despicable, the demon influenced Craven empire of Nether Root centered in Black Talon Town and Dragon Spine Inn were loyal servants to the dark lord prince of the Netherworld’s ebony flame abyss.


Northern most geographically, this resource rich fringe frontier peninsula extension itself, lay traced on one side by the steady crashing sounds of perpetually curling amethyst azure rows of white churned, foam capped roaring waves. Waves of sweat fresh water surf pushed repeatedly and rhythmically upon the land kissing sandy golden shores.

Each washing wave moved back and forth while bubbling across onto sparkling soft sands with each exchange of cascading rush of tide and tow, frequently depositing one of this worlds greater gifts. For the magnificent living seas of Azure gifted the shores of continental Usher with brilliant smooth finished and rich glowing gatherings of sparkling, raw energy gemstones and pulsing polished power jewels.

The waters continually arose from the sea and then retreated so that they regularly flowed rhythmically overlapping the shores of rocky gemstone infused outcroppings. Likewise these undulating tidal motions repeated themselves in the same patterns on the remaining sides by the coastal shorelines that traced just beyond and ahead of the massive colorful wilderness domains. Domains of lush steamy predominately emerald green perfumed jungles, found encompassing the northern west region of continental Usher.


A bold hearty band of royalty and legion armies of the Three Ring Realms, had set out to reach the infamous Dragon Spine Inn, within the community known as Black Talon Town, located three weeks journey or more from the imperial province of Valiant. The legions were sent by the Great High King and the Triad Kingdom Empire to explore, expand the realms influence, to organize trade and begin the long process of traveling with numerous allegiance forces that were soon to be on the move towards the remnants of long lost civilizations.

Imperial and Ring Realm fellowship legion forces were to venture boldly on the move towards the remnants of legendary ancient, half crumbled, barely standing lost cities. Ancient lost or overgrown civilizations fallen to the earth, shrouded by dark forest wilderness jungles and toppled structures covered by ages of accumulated decay and soil leaving nearly undetectable ruins.

The expedition was to cover numerous outlying ruins located well into the heart of those crumbling or long lost kingdom civilizations. Mysterious civilizations who’s long line of descendants currently still clung to those ancient homelands. Fearsome warriors descendant of savage warrior class peoples of fearless standing, whom were dedicated as wild tribes to employ attitudes that bred an unscrupulous character.

It was their new natures renewed and once again risen from the old fallen natures fueled further by centuries of dark decent into madness. These lost souls, now existing as numerous conclaves of fallen tribal groups of savages would ruthlessly hunt down other sentient kinds traveling across their regions for sport and for food. They would relish in anticipation of the excitement of the blood lust rituals with the subsequent cannibalistic feasts and would swiftly attack without reason or provocation.

It was also from among these homicidal, violent loose banded nations of nomads, that there were those bred and taught from birth to become those vile ones who became those whom are the most treacherous, and practiced in duplicity as a common way of life.

These individuals were also of the line of descendants whom had long since fallen into the backward dark ages. Dark ages birthing far more savage, deadly dark lands, brimming over with villainous sinister forces and expanded genetically re-engineered sorcery sciences of old, created by their ancestors birthing hideous primal creature threats. Creating new life forms by blending fallen angle demons with other life forms including those vast varieties of huge dinosaurs or saurian land dragon beasts.

Among those that were most deadly, were the flying fire breathing dragons during those bygone ever growing, dangerous times. Unfortunately those self replicating dangers grown wild and numerous have continued unchecked to this day, long after the civilization that created the mutants had been collapsed by those same beasts. Those same civilizations vanished into the icons and mists of countless centuries of decay leaving only ruins with the whispering of half vanished histories…laced dramatically into the lure of legends and myths.

From the culture of Azure’s continent of Usher and the province of Valiant from which the legions of fearless adventurers had set out upon the quest, many of the creatures of Azure had been incorporated into the tales and games of their every day lives. Ages ago in point of fact a dream walker had passed through the Nexus portal to Azure and shared his many  inventions and game creations. He was known as one of the Ancients. This Nexus traveler introduced games depicting some of this worlds creatures.

One such game called Score 44 featured unicorns, dragons, griffins, giant eagles, manticor and phoenix. Score 44 is a six suite deck of 120 round cards often played by 2 to 12 players at a time during evening down times when the legion troops of the Three Ring Realms of Valiant rested camps for days end. Another similarly designed deck of 40 round cards with the same six shield images called Shield Knight Raiders, encompassed  game creatures is uniquely diversified with a six wedge pie system allowing players to play a primary shield animal suite and a pie wedge sub-suite.

Still another series of round shaped card games included a game called Score 44 Knights Quest with the same primary shield suites and a color pattering of blue, red, yellow, green, white or silver as interchangeable and followed lastly by gold. Other versions were also created and all those types already mentioned in this account prior were uniquely combined into a rectangular design having 63 cards. The cards depicted images of each type of card with matched primary shield suites on 57 of the rectangular cards in order to standardize cross game compatibility. The remaining 6 key rectangular cards were divided into 2 sets each presenting as 3 unique and different power pathways or plays. One set of 3 cards presents as a kingdom keep castle of 50 legions and 25 battle fleet legions arriving by sea. The second and most power trio set feature three equally unique cards with wild card symbols sharing all colors but only 2 different on upper and lower on each of the 3 cards. ( for example yellow upper green lower, or silver upper red lower, or gold upper blue lower and at each center of the rectangular card in question, the primary shield suite of that card with a circular pie wedge pattern of the six colors; starting blue the red, yellow, green, white or silver and finally gold. The Score 44 Knights Quest card game could also be enjoyed with a colorful Knights Quest board game.

A series of hundreds of unique games were part of the many cultures that made up the key components of fun and interaction with the population of the province of Valiant and indeed the regions and nations across continental Usher. Most were introduced to the world of Azure in ancient times, when a child traveler came through the nexus portal and passed to our world. Among the legions of games he introduced were scores of truly special 3-D games such as 3-D Dominoes, 3-D Lexicon, 3-D Pyramid and countless other three dimensional board games. He was recognized as fully unique and completely as gifted as any prodigy savant could be, particularly since he arrived to our world from the ancient origin sister world of earth at the tender age of only three years old.


The great fringe frontier coastal jungles were those places that teamed with brightly colored howling, screeching creatures that were regularly swinging swiftly from branch to vine or swaying in dart about fashion all while ever alert guarding a choice spot. Then these creatures would on occasion if spooked take off to flight.

Some could do so in a literal fashion as flying vibrantly colored fowl or even as those most curious creatures the flying marsupials. The flying marsupials would suddenly burst forth from concealed positions and begin at first leaping and would then soon after take winged flight as part of a diverse collection of different types of winged unique multicolored marsupials.

They were also marsupials that apparently symbiotically cohabited with equally brightly colored flying or hovering insects and flying lizards, which would instantly join in the frenzied flights. Then just at that same moment there would usually follow, a myriad of colorful flying birds and even more brightly hued wingless fast running ground bound fowl.

The wild life seemed to move in similar sink with one an other as do fish, or herds when a predator is present or a sudden disturbance is detected. Beyond the colorful marsupials or primates, or the myriad host of colorful flying birds and even more brightly hued wingless fast running ground bound fowl there were many dinosaurs of different size, textured skin, some even scaled and others winged or still others of odd or strange shape and diverse coloring.

The lands virtually were filled with large colorful saurian beasts, huge serpents, large six legged tigers, winged wild golden eyed enormous griffins, the largest of elephants, legendary rock eagles, giant bears, huge white rhinos, along with even more enormous flying fire breathing iron hard scaled savage wilderness dragons and a multitude of countless unimaginable creatures.

It was to this may lay mass chaos of the far fringe frontier wilderness that the Imperial legion forces were going deeply into placed under the leadership of their regal rulers of the royal lineage and with the royal courts attending imperial generals. Collectively the leadership of the enormous gathering of each massive legion peacekeeping fellowship from the Triad kingdoms and the Three Ring Realm’s twelve civilized tribal nations of hardened centurions and allied fellowship legion forces, would take swift purposeful directed actions.

They would explore, build new roads, trails, colony outposts guarded by strong legions, thick stockade fortifications to create and bring forth powerful allied kingdoms in order to colonize across half of the vast domains of deep dark and mysterious continental Usher, from provincial Valiant boarder lands, sheltered by the bloodstained mountain ranges that rested secure under the Great High King rule and all the way too the far flung fringe frontiers on the northwestern coastal shores of the peninsula of Terra Val Hall Ar.

First the fellowship company with the combined legions of each royal house were to travel to the fringe frontier location of the Craven village of Black Talon Town. Black Talon Town was undoubtedly a place of certain dark bent, twisted villainy and questionable venomous reputation, but an essential stop none the less.

Secondly, once at the mysterious and infamous Black Talon Town the group would divide the mighty host of troop forces of their military peacekeeping legions to accompany the numerous caravans or trading parties traveling within the body of the fellowship expeditions, to go with each splintered off legion. Dividing the legions into twelve or more legions per grouping which safely allowed the merchant caravans to be protected as they traveled. Thirdly the division of the fellowship forces allowed both the merchants and the legions to head to different locations.

Each grouping of fellowship legions and allied forces would need to pass through the vile Craven empire to the evil demonic netherworld princes Nether Root province, a land ruled by the first fallen from heaven from his underworld black flame abyss domains. The fellowship of legions would be required to travel to the very core heart of Nether Root province the large community of Black Talon Town. Every legion and fellowship allied force would eventually assemble together at Black Talon towns central hub the ghoulish Dragon Spine Inn. Once there they would seek out to trek upon the primary forking cobblestone roads that fanned out like the spokes of a wheel in many directions behind Dragon Spine Inn.

The caravans followed in order to allow their goods safe passage with the dozens of legions in the fellowship and so it was that the legions could proceed to dozens of separate destinations along the Imperial boarders and beyond into far distant lands. The journey towards Black Talon Town and Dragon Spine Inn had been an arduous one fraught repeatedly with the most vicious and deadliest of savage, horrific encounters.

Chance dangerous blood chilling encounters with vexatiously savage two to three hundred foot serpents and enormous man devouring saurian beasts. Battles with giant poisonous scorpions, or thirty foot man killing, bodily fluid digesting spiders, among other monsters which constituted a multitude of ever present precarious possibilities that the legions and royal membership constantly were in danger of encountering.

Fourthly the objectives would include passing beyond the Craven empires demon spawn boarders to the numerous allied kingdoms on the far fringe frontiers including one of the primary kingdoms too which all friends or allied legion protected caravans or supply shipments would need to stop at before passing on towards the sites of new kingdoms to be built. This stop of course was the kingdom of king Ulrick Red Dragon known as the castle keep kingdom of mighty Rouse Draco near the coastal fringe frontier of northwestern Usher.


Truly the savage continent of Usher and the strange planet of Azure were an enigma of contradictions that merged myth, science, magic and temporal fusions of time, space, matter and dimensions with cross cultural, cross planetary contamination. Contamination fully drawn from the imaginations day dreams, night dreads and brought to be fully materialized into reality via the Nexus portal gateways that allowed both dreams and reality to exist.

Nexus portal gateways that allow physical and ethereal forms to enter here as real life transported from any place and time. Or portal gates that allow the formations of mentally created entities of imagination or those known as living Dream Walkers that are themselves fully materialized self aware living life forms brought into our reality here on the planet of Azure.

Infantry portions of the Triad kingdoms, Imperial freedom fighting legions, though vast in number in service to their peacekeeping mandates, were particularly vulnerable to surprise attack by forces hidden deep within jungle forest tree lines. Or perhaps by enemy mercenaries swooping in with dirigible airships during attacks staged by mixed party mercenaries, barbarians raiders, or cutthroat plundering pirates.

The civilian merchants within the caravans were even far more vulnerable than the mounted cavalry legion fellowship forces or allied Ring Realm legions that flanked the merchant caravans, that were traveling in civilian unarmed wagons. Even far more so than the mounted cavalry legion armies or allied forces were all those of the fellowship whom were collectively vulnerable due to the fact that they were without air cover from their own Air-go-naught Fleet as the airships were currently on other missions.

On our fifth day out, which included the seemingly longer, prior three days of our journey, we paused to rest. On those prior first three days, just two days ago, where and when we had stumbled, struggling along with large cumbersome supply or merchant caravans and the much larger legion wagons, time had seemed to pass ever so slowly.

A back breaking arduous journey over hard rough roadways through the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges guarded by the Imperial mountain outposts with their bold legendary and brave legions took time. Our forces had trained at the Valiant Knights Academy school for guardians, as did those of the Triad kingdom legions and the immense allied fellowship forces of the Three Ring Realms. The legions posted at the mountain outposts were supplied by each group from the province of Valiant.

The caravans filed along loaded with armaments. Each flattop armor covered flatbed wagon, which virtually bristled with weapons from each of the armies was well maned. They also carried heavy weaponry, vast quantities of water, food, and extra clothing to deal with the higher elevations. The flattops and long armor covered wagons also carried trained Tribunes, Centurions heavily armored legion fellowship forces and members of the Royalty.

Transportation of the wide, long war wagons was a difficult strain on man, woman, allied sentient kind warriors and the domesticated, mammoths, huge dinosaurs or other saurian beasts along with powerful wingless land dragons, or broad winged flying dragons, domesticated griffins, or other capable large battle armored beasts.

All of the fellowship personal and wagons were battered by the weather, terrain, and were buffeted by rough roads and potholes.The weather shifted constantly and winds had beaten against the wagons regularly. This became most evident during the journey as the huge long and wide wagons moaned and creaked under the weight of a multitude heavily of armored centurions along with the high piled loads of supplies.

Those supplies and forces on the wagons continued on the way. The roads grew rougher. All the heavy loads on those huge wagons continued to collectively and regularly moan or creek as the wagons and troops on them pitched yawed or jolted sharply with each forceful roadway thud causing all that leaned at times to gasp or creek in those high mountain’s pothole riddled roadways surfaces an in the high mountain’s bitter winter snows or strong windy gales.

These centurion ready men soldiers all had been quickly loaded on the long wagons with their high piled mounds of individual hand held weapons and also the large heavy caliber weapon systems. Anyone on or near the wagons would have felt and heard them strain.

To help take their minds off of the dangers of the precarious circumstances in dealing with the over weighted over sized over burdened and straining wagon ride over ancient treacherous crumbling mountain pass roads some of the warriors on the wagons or ridding along side on huge beasts began talking about some of the stops ahead like the vile Craven empire in the province of Nether Root.

Others spoke of the free lands beyond the shadow realms of Nether Root, such as the kingdom of king Ulrick Red Dragon and his winged saurian riders the sky knights. They spoke excitedly about king Ulrick Red Dragon’s legendary knights of the castle keep kingdom domains of Rouse Draco.

King Ulrick was known to be just in his dealings and easy to deal with while his two primary ministers or councilors were known for their harsh attitudes, stern twisted dealings and a rather ghoulish presence about them. In recent years word had also spread and come to the ears of many from Valiant of a new and magnificent young child knight possessing incredible capabilities.

He was said to be a knight and magician of wondrous power that king Ulrick Red Dragon had claimed as a ward of the king and later had adopted to elevate the child knight as a new lord of the realm and chief captain of his majesties royal knights of Rouse Draco. Fame had continually spread of this alien foundling and remarkable young child warrior knight cheered loudly by his contemporaries hailed as Conor Storm-Child the mightiest of the royal knights of the castle keep kingdom of Rouse Draco.

The wagons carried all of the necessary supplies but frequently rocked shook and shifted the supplies and the multitude of strongly armored legion or Centurion personal, while the long wagons that carried them all rolled across the rocky wide cobblestone road causeways.

At times the Centurions, Tribunes and even the royalty would leap off the staining shuddering wagons while combating the crisp bitter bite of the icy cold winds and thinning mountain air and helped the regular infantry of legions and the great saurian beasts to push or pull the rocking, swaying or stuck wagons, applying herculean and determined efforts to continue to move those struggling wagons on up and over along the fragile ledges of those unstable higher elevations.

It was on those rougher cracked and ice covered roads near the top of the red granite peaks of the Bloodstained Mountain range’s wide cement patched imperial province of Valiant’s mountain range cobblestone causeways that the hardest efforts were required. The men and weaponry loads continued moving to pass over each unavoidable bump, slide or pitch encountered.

Where and whenever the wagon wheels spun or strained while the convoy traveled overlapping those higher elevations all effected took quick actions in dealing with regards to the mountain conditions and roads. Roads that perpetually jutted out and weathered tight to the mountainside as ever growing rough stone strewn causeways.

Causeways and long wide cobblestone roadways filled with potholes or cracking chisel hewed mountain ledge or dangerous cave tunnel passes. At those mountain elevations ice covered slippery old and cracking cobblestone cement set roads are a constant problem.

The imperial roads we journeyed upon extended from the well kept and maintained causeways of the magnificent province of Valiant. Imperial marble, granite roads of the empire. Vast networks of granite and marble fitted cobblestone roadways that shone vivid with chrome brilliant, mirror finished intermixed metals. And not just any shinny metal interlaced into the roads.

Gold and silver Ultra Ore reinforced jeweled causeways were a common sight seen and enjoyed by all of central Valiant. From those exquisite roads in Valiant’s central provincial lands to these rougher lesser quality mountain passage roadways, there could be seen key differences in quality concerning the use and implementation of the more rare materials invested within the cobblestone roadways.

Hundreds of tall, wide, long wagons drawn by huge saurian land dragon beasts, had started overlapping mountainous terrain, when an air of threat fell upon us. Agonizing conditions hampered our progress yet we pushed on forwards, advancing slower than we would have liked. Weather buffeted us with a constant railing force.

Nevertheless we forged on while sprawling over jagged tumbling rock patches, delaying deadly land slides and through harsh snows or the terrible bite of bitter flesh freezing unforgiving hail and ice storms. These conditions were frequently experienced by travelers when going the only way in or out of valiant which are to fly over or trek on over through the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges higher colder elevations.


The hard snapping deep cracking fast breaking crashing sounds were now loudly echoing on the winds, accompanied by the roars of both flying fire breathing dragons, pterodactyls or other winged saurian beasts, the cries of the immortal fire phoenix birds, screeching flying griffins, along with the roars of great land dragons and the calls of many different huge saurian beasts.

The noise grew and we knew that some of the cries came from immense dinosaurs issuing loud furious fiendish roars. But there was also the unusual high and sharp whistling pitched hissing sounds, which we couldn’t quiet place. Some immense conflict likely between gigantic titans hidden from our view, shrouded by mist and jungle amid the vast primal wilderness lands sprawled far ahead before our fellowship.

Loud savage shouts mingled with numerous noises which were excitedly joined by the echoing cries of dive bombing and enraged high flying pterodactyls. Some other pterodactyls, which were also noted circling high battling some winged fire breathing dragons, several wild griffins, and a pare of immortal fiery phoenix birds, all filled the sky far over the central forest midlands. Soon we could detect new sounds entering the mix. However the primary battles remained hidden within the thick jungle wilderness domains.

The main conflict still remained unseen and the specific natures of all the participating entities heatedly involved amid the obvious primal carnage remained frustratingly unknown to the enormous hosts of the combined forces of the fellowship of legions. More frightening, nerve shuddering screams sounded echoing for many miles over the unexplored regions and throughout to the foot hill and heights of the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges. They were the frantic lingering blood freezing cries and the savage yells of giants, ogres and flying fire breathing winged dragons of the wilderness lands.

It had been only two days earlier when we had climbed down from the snow covered legion protected passes, to descend to the much warmer, misty mid continent forests jungles of continental Usher, that we had first noted similar noises. During this time we had also noted in the distance that patches of the forest were shaking violently due to some unseen hidden battle between innumerable titans.

For two days bone snapping, tree trunk and rock crashing noises had continued as we journeyed on ahead from the base of the mountains we had descended. It so happened that from time to time as we ventured throughout the wilderness, that we came across huge open areas. But these were unnatural open areas that had recently been cleared, spot scorched or flattened and were where many snapped trees and uprooted jungle areas had been rent, shredded and completely laid waste.

The area was drenched or spot splattered with the blood types of several kinds of larger life forms and remarkably still, no sign was visible of any bones or bodies. Yet something had obviously died here. Absolutely nothing remained but blood pools to give evidence of what had been injured or killed.

We knew that even an old kill would leave a skeletal remnant or the remains of some maggot and bug infested bodies or leathery tanned mummified carcass with sun bleached bones. What had happened here was lethal fresh carnage by all the signs of blood visible to us and yet it was most assuredly what we did not see laying about that most worried and confounded us all.

Enormous footprints were everywhere. Many of the footprints were recognizable as those of winged dragons, saurian beasts, or dinosaurs, huge ogres and thirty foot giants judging by their shoe prints. There was also something else very strange that left deep winding jagged textured, often curved or winding trenches throughout the fallen jungle. The trenches trailed on across the churned up the blood soaked ravaged earth and through sections of the heavily disturbed forest floor.

For two days snapping crashing noises had continued as we of the fellowship of Valiant journeyed on through the jungles from the base of the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges, from which we had earlier descended. Occasionally we entered other areas where we uncovered those same trenches or upturned soils. The near total devastation at these conflict areas was very much pronounced and had most certainly completely been the center of a catastrophic engagement. We could not imagine the horrific causal nature of the immeasurable conflict.

There at that time, five days out from the capital, was where the first of our casualties and real difficulties worth mentioning occurred. It was only two days after checking through the legion held mountain pass after having come from the valley of Valiant’s three Ring Realm land tracks owned and occupied by the twelve tribal nations living under the shadow and around the capitals cities within the Triad kingdoms, that the first horrific incidence happened.

Pushed on we set out to only stop resting for two or three hours each midday and three or four hours each night for the first three days. Then on the next two days we rested only nightly at first and only at the foot of the outer side bases of the Old Red Top Mountains. Then nightly on each of the two evenings next that followed we set out standard structures, upon which we built stockades. Once built the stockades were surrounded with the protective devices that we built.

We encircled the fortress with different kinds of motes, oil filled trenches, razor wire topped poles and protective defensive pit traps. These had been added as defensive measures to the tree tall stockade fortress camp structures. Some of the unique protective defensive measures were added to the stockade fortress itself and others placed within or without it’s shielding walls.

Our plans were to set up fortified stockade outposts every day or two distance from one another with the help of so many legions and utilize those huge domesticated land dragons and saurian beats to make the work swift and much easier. Part of each stockade included the building of armed communication watchtowers. Watchtowers linking wireless audio visual crystal gemstone transmission towers with communication capabilities from each outpost center.

The communication centers would link to one another, to the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges base fort, to the legion passes out posts and all the way to the Triad kingdoms. Should these communication towers fail or be toppled and destroyed we would return to traditional dispatch teams utilizing runners, land mounted riders, airborne winged griffin, winged dragon or leather winged pterodactyls, each saddled to carry one or more sky rider knights to other outposts upon the strong winds of the planet of Azure.

More importantly our objectives were to set up communication towers all the way to the Three Ring Realms using cable free high quality holographic image and true crisp sound transmissions through the air waves utilizing the crystal spire transmission reception and relay towers. Every tower is a symbols of imperial provision and an icon that proudly is erected at each new outpost.

Communication tower systems would serve as highly visible, effective crystal power jewel enabled communication systems. These were systems that would create three dimensional holographic images on large flattop gemstone screens or on portable palm held Azure jewel multiple application receivers and transmitters.

To those whom were trained in the operations of and or regular use of these communication systems as tools or products of content delivery or vital transmission and understood the inner workings or applications of the towers equipment or the smaller hand held energy gemstone, power jewel crystal and gold ultra ore encased items offering mobile communication and direct data links to and from the crystal spire towers these wondrous items were products of the province of Valiant’s science.

Meanwhile to others whom rarely used these tools of communication or used them not at all, having no understanding of their workings or construction, considered these products were miraculous constructions that were supernatural fabrications from myth and magic.

We would leave at least one full legion on duty to hold the seven new crystal spire communication watchtowers at each outpost that would be built along the frontier as fortress stockade outposts keeping them all held firm for the empire by those legion troops. The final number of manned and armored outposts or kingdom fortifications to be built across the primal wilderness of half of the scope of vast continental Usher, was still unknown.

Outpost fortifications that would grow into new kingdoms would be built all the way from the Great High King’s resplendent resource rich, Bloodstained Mountain Range, which is ever wreathed and shielded about the province of Valiant. Valiant contained a huge fertile empire province.

All of Valiant’s yet to be built colony kingdoms would eventually arise across the far flung fringe frontier boarder lands and beyond. The goal was to connect the new risen castle keep kingdoms from the heart of the empire of Valiant all the way to the coastal shorelines of Terra Luminous, also called Terra Val Hall Ar.

We would continue through the Nether Root boarders and all across the allied freedom lands of the far northwestern coasts building fortified outpost. A tremendous task lay ahead as we had yet to have set, selected or fully decided upon the final locations or numbers of new kingdoms to be established.

The legion fellowship was also dedicated to exploring new regions by opening up supply lines, raising Azure gemstone communication crystal watchtowers and building fortress stockade outposts. Stockade outposts that were powered by Fury Forges that would together collectively expand the boarders and regions linking the empire of the Great High King, with continuous wireless digital sound and perfectly solid looking, high definition level, three dimensional holographic image viewing transmission and reception viewing capabilities.


Azure was a world of contradictory, cultivated cultural extremes, ranging from the worlds of swords and armor, to dinosaurs, to dragons, to science merged with magic and mythologies found proved on this world to have a true basis in fact. Azure also featured Imperial prayer magics, to good wizard magicians, or evil dark heart spawn shadowy spell casters of the fallen netherworld regions.

Other contradictory components of the strange planet of Azure included the existences of solar cell winged wind lifted and wind sail or steam driven land and airship machines from the small too the immense. Machines which were often grouped in with those far more large and massively enormous vessels of the empire powered by other forces and energies.

For it was from the province of Valiant, on the continent of Usher that the empire built huge vessels to circumnavigate on or above the mysterious planet of Azure. Many of the vessels and machines which were of unique designing were only possible due to special power sources and systems.

Ultra light weight super strong Ultra Ore metals were also a key factor allowing these machines to exist. Each machine or vessel created within the empire were usually majority enabled through the use of power jewel, energy gemstone or fury forge systems.

Power systems that fully enabled and fueled each of the huge machines or ships and also contained solar cell, steam and other backup power facilities included into their designing. High powered systems and backup units that were part of numerous strong ground force divisions or massive fleets of flying dirigible lifted aloft warships.

Ground war machines or airborne capable warships able to move low or high over land and are also airship capable swift sailing fury forge enabled flying crafts which can float on water. Airships that can easily be riding and sailing the fresh water seas of Azure, or quickly lift off to the heavens as airborne going vessels.

Still other contradictory components of the mysterious planet of Azure encompassed or included land dragon, mammoth, wild beast or saurian drawn convoys of gigantic wagons filled with and accompanied along side by immense armies mobilized in incredibly vast long lines of armored troop forces or heavily armored legions mounted on armor shielded land dragons or included imperial warriors riding on the backs of aerobatic superior flying pterodactyls.

Contradictions that mixed the Azure Nexus vortex portals capabilities with interplanetary pod star ships and interdenominational wormhole portal vortexes, traversing many universes through intergalactic voids as well as multidimensional Nexus portal gate ways which while I do not understand the science, the magic or the how, admittedly can and do transmit and transport to the world of Azure, multitudes of inventive creations and incredible forms.

Forms made real sourced from diverse origins and essence states, from physical matter form entities, too spiritual vaporous or intangible ethereal classified entities. Some are sourced strongly, even purely from the powerful mental thoughts of dreams or imagination and are a classification of entities considered to be individual or group sourced.


The fellowship legions at the beginning of the journey had left from the three capital cities of the top tear level kingdoms from among the many brightly lit, and luminously shinning Triad kingdoms. The Triad kingdoms were smartly housed in tear groupings of three kingdoms per interior level throughout all of high levels through to the farthest deep levels beneath and all under, on, or within Pyramid Mountain. The huge fellowship of legions poured forth from the highest placed of the strong Triad kingdoms from the top of the huge man made Pyramid Mountain’s top tear three Triad kingdoms.

Many already had poured out from all quarters into the valley of Valiant. It was there in the valley of Valiant that the call to come had been answered. Those that came from far and wide from continental Usher could be seen far beneath Pyramid Mountain as their legions trailed steadily into Valiant.

Still other legions from the chosen twelve tribal nations selected from ancient days by the Great High King specifically to live on the Three Ring Realms gathered their legions. So also did the legions of allies from the free lands of noble kingdoms and countries, whom held long standing loyalties and treaty ties to Valiant come as they soon gathered on the vast green circular land track plains upon Valiant’s mighty Ring Realm expanses.

Jag is the name of the capital city located in Val high above the province, overlooking the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges known also as the protective cupping hands of God and overlooking from that height the forces already gathered on the ground teaming in across all of valley grounds of Valiant. Proudly Val sent out it’s best troop legions from Jag as Val was recognized by the elder council of twenty four as the first of the Triad kingdoms.

It was the Jag legions that lead the procession to join the first of the Three Ring Realms forces whom were from among the tribes of the valley, where the four tribal nations of the first Ring Realm dwelt. Also upon that first Ring Realm mighty hosts gathered from allied kingdoms and their volunteer legions which at that time were a group of volunteer army legions whom traded daily within Valiant, had already gathered and lined up their immense forces with the mighty Ring Realm legions impressive forces from the first four of twelve tribal nations.

Legions paraded along the interior wide causeways encircling and attached to the lining of the interior walls of the great man made pyramid mountain. Once at the interior central grand plaza courtyards and the huge causeways inside the hollow space and ground level floor base of the great man made pyramid mountain edifice the legions would pause.

Soon the enormously long line of the city of Jag’s legions halted but only temporarily while endless seeming numbers of legion troops up and behind the point guard continued their impressive colorful procession. The back rows of legion poured on continuing to circle down the spiral of the interior walls of Pyramid Mountain as they in military marched movement producing a rhythmic thud along the way. Each legion force trod firmly upon the huge chrome silver and mirror finish gold Ultra Ore decorated interior causeway roads attached to the interior wall of Pyramid Mountain.

The procession moved slowly with its heavily armored fellowship legion forces creating clangs and echoing clamber mixed into the steady sounds of strong marching. Along with the marching steps came the grunting clamor and chanting rimes or sounds of battle hardened legionaries, and the noises of their equally heavily armored mounts and their Ultra Ore plated long and wide flattop covered wagon transports.

They had all gathered at the gigantic protective Ultra Ore gates to the grand plaza courtyards each legion proudly displaying their own specific colored tunics. Tunics or long draping capes which also proudly bore the legion unit colors and were sub unit numbered and named. Each of the legion troops also carried long pikes with attached legion flags and family crests on the pikes, tunics and the chest area of their leather vestments offering the view with all it’s full pomp and ceremony.

The sheer scope of the three pyramid walls of the interior and the interior cities and kingdoms expansive well ordered excellent designing and colossal scope with use of ultra ore and precious materials throughout were truly magnificent.

From the interior base grand plaza courtyards all the way up through the numerous cast communities, dispersed from far below ground level, up to ground level all the way up through to the very top apex escarpment, architectural splendor reigned.

And yet there was much more to be seen if one considered the exterior of Pyramid Mountain and what arose from upon it’s upper base platform beyond the primary Triad kingdoms of Ki, Nu and Val for between these three great kingdoms arose wonders and great mystery.

The architecture was on and at it’s own most resplendent at the Triad kingdoms of the elder kings whom resided at the same top escarpment level on the great pyramid mountain. Continuing from and at that same level stood the binding core force of an amazing seemingly endlessly long, very wide and huge crystal spire that arose beyond sight.

The spire also arose from the center of another immense structure the Valiant Knights Academy located between the Triad kingdoms. And again wonderment struck all whom gazed upon the Valiant Knights Academy, for from the very hallowed courtyard and heartbeat core of the center of the academy arose the primary spiritual icon.

An icon wreathed part way up by permanent glowing clouds, with it’s crystal spire form sparkling brightly beneath and above the glowing cloud mists, that encircled the structure. An unbelievably enormous structure that was an overwhelming iconic spiritually moving inspiration to all Valiant. The icon of course is the Great Spire to Heaven.

The spire arose upwards from the heart of the Valiant Knights Academy located at the top sturdy fabricated roof and upper floor support base of the man made pyramid mountain’s escarpment which also formed the strong supportive upper base for the Great Spire to Heaven.

Turning ones gaze away from the awesome interior and outwards past the three individual sets of enormous double door solid gates that had been opened wide on each side of Pyramid Mountain’s marble, granite stone, chrome silver and gold ultra ore walls, to reveal the inspirational provincial landscapes of the realm.

One could see all encircling the three sided edifice, from the man made towering Pyramid Mountain, including the many rolling hills and plains of Valiant with it’s remarkable wonders. Moreover and to the point one could enjoy seeing all three of the lush fertile Ring Realms and the distant mountain ranges on the horizon. This was a view where individuals often experienced a scene of breathtaking beauty and awe stirring inspiration.

Far in the distance the luxurious marble, granite, gold, silver, bejeweled Ultra Ore city roadways turned into grand wide imperial causeways that gradually elevated. Causeways that arose to eventually meet up with the lesser quality cement, dirt and cobblestone causeways attached to the mountain roadways. Roadways that wreathed winding around the mountainous ranges of the Bloodstained Mountains. Causeways so huge that they could easily be seen from many miles away and even from the ground level of the grand plaza gates.

It was from the grand plaza gateway, at that point, that the legions were now pouring steadily out marching fervently forth resembling a colorful tide of streaming locus. Each legion moved as a determined swarm of army ants all massing in rhythmic marching step motions as they moved along side huge flatbed wagons or road upon powerful traditional beats. Other higher ranking officers road upon mythical creatures, or saurian land dragon mounts. They collective forces proceeded towards their first staging area into and upon the vast valley of mighty Valiant.

Legion forces flowed out surging swiftly towards the first of the lush green valley’s wide enormous plains. It was from there that those magnificent Jag legions were assembling and once established there where they greeted allies once again as one of the first kingdom legions to arrive. Each troop of legion forces gathered in constant stride as they came upon the the fields as the first to arrive on the province of Valiant’s immense circular land tracks from Pyramid Mountain.

The staging area which constituted the first of the Three Ring Realms was vast indeed, for once upon it one could not see its edges without travelling it’s body to see the far boarder fringes that made the Ring Realm domain. Each of the Three Ring Realms sprawled out farther than the naked eye could see and each were hosting it’s native four tribal nations.

These were those nations whom inhabited the Ring Realms, spending their service in life and death to the Great High King. Each nation cared for, lived and worked on their lands, when not on distant campaigns and this day their services were hosting and joining along side the visiting legions of the first groups from the Triad kingdoms.

Sparkling row after row of Imperial legion armies marched into the outer roads towards the causeway at the end of each of the huge Grand Plaza gateways and onto the long marble, granite, precious metal, jewel endowed cobblestone, concrete and Ultra Ore or Omni Ore interwoven and constructed roadways.

Roadway systems that offered views so clear to the three fertile, life sustaining, food producing Ring Realms and the ancient and remarkable infrastructure systems of broad ground level or elevated overpass cobblestone causeways roads. Great causeways and road systems which themselves sparkled and gleamed brilliantly under the three different colored, swiftly rising early morning suns, around which the planet of Azure with it’s seven populated moons orbited.

The three suns which at that moment were slowly moving in their usual joint in sink way and in an inverted V or upright pyramid formation, poured a flooding deluge of colorful rays through the sky overhead of the seven equally colorful inhabited moons. Azure’s moons which were ever visible day or night and that accompanied the different colored suns of Azure.

Each of the three sun’s of Azure moved slowly during their mornings typical clockwork travelings. Their impact was to magically start adding a resplendent addition to the glorious beauty of the heavens on this new day. Azure’s morning glories forged the fresh creating of a wondrous luminous spectrum of hues upon the canvas of the new day’s sky on rising celestial steps of their cosmic journey.

Azure’s moons appeared as diverse hued, variegated or solid colored cosmic gemstones. Some of the moons resembled giant diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls or opals of sparkling breathtakingly beautiful depths and shades. Each of the seven moons glowed as they all ever so slowly began arching across the same gleaming magenta Azure heavens. Miraculous the overall impressions given by the suns and moons were regal. It was as if the brilliant suns and luminous moons were some how firmly fixed upon the rim of some invisible crowns brow.

Together they all were in synchronized flow while the colorful orbiting objects seemed set to an edge shifting. Each of the seven moons moved smoothly in unison with Azure’s three different colored suns. Suns which also brilliantly grew in luminous intensity sparkling richly vibrant like three different primary colored, radiantly hued, rare fiery fury forge fusion back lit gemstone jewels in the heavens.

Ram is the name of the capital city located in Nu, headed by the second of the elder kings from the apex level of the Triad kingdoms, and it was these powerful Ram legions from Nu’s capital city of Ram that like wise lead the procession to the grand plaza gates. The Ram legions from Nu’s capital city would in unison march forth to spoke out of each of Pyramid Mountain’s three ground level gates. These Ram legions moved rhythmically and orderly out in impressive massive waves to their designated staging areas, just as the Jag legions had done before them, only they were on route to the second Ring Realm.

It was from the huge grand plaza’s marble, precious metal and gemstone encrusted gates, that the Ram legions moved on from in order to get to the second of the Three Ring Realms. This second Ring Realm also hosted another set of four tribal nations, as did all the three Ring Realms. The Ring Realms four tribal nation hosts were vast in number.

This was where they and all those of the second realm lived, worked and played within the circular land tracks. Collectively they were all known as the Three Ring Realms. Each of the Ring Realms was also where they lived worshiped and died for countless centuries in service to the Good and One True Sovereignty, He Whom is the Great High King.

This display of legions was done for political solidarity reasons so that those legionaries of Nu’s capital called Ram could march proudly in long centurion and trooper legion lines. Parading lines that were maned scores deep going across and long as far as the eye could see, in deep rows forging inspiration among the many cities, kingdoms and citizenry of the Empire. Above them all amid the heavens resided the Omnipresent One also known as He Who is the Creator Spirit, the Great High King.

So wide across with troops and endlessly long were the lines of those legion army forces, that one could scarcely count the armies who’s collective focused attentions were on reaching the second of legendary land tracks that constituted the second of the Three Ring Realms beneath them and out across the expanse.

For it was there where they were to join their volunteer army legions of the Triad kingdom capitals with those legion armies whom were of and from the Three Ring Realms. Legion armies of royal houses, whom once they had joined with the legions of the Triad kingdoms, would all give loyal cheers pledging service to the One True Sovereignty, The Three Who Are One, The Great High King.

Third and finally came forth the vast host of mighty whom were of the legions that were called the Xenon legions. Xenon naturally is the name of the capital city located in the kingdom of Ki. Ki is the third of the top level domain Triad kingdom realms of the Triad kingdoms. The Xenon legions like the other two kingdom’s capital cities legions had sent a procession of legions to their designated Ring Realm locations. In this case it was the third of the mighty Ring Realms where the Xenon legions would meet up, connecting with the volunteer army legions of the third of the Three Ring Realms.

This third Ring Realm land track, like the first two circular land track rings also consisted of four tribal nations as their primary forces. Each circular Ring Realm land track was a staging area and fertile crop growing area that featured prominently at their core center a four sided pyramid. Atop of each of the four triangular walls of the pyramid, resting at each Ring Realm’s very center, at it’s spiritual heart stood an x crisscross shaped wall uniquely offering an isolated v wedge shaped temple worship area separation for each of the twelve Ring Realm tribal nations.

These four sided pyramids were used as alter temples, with one of each of the four sides of each Ring Realm’s pyramid being used as a worshiping wall and as a series of steps used only by the high priests to climb and approach the upper temple. The high priest would pray daily for the nation he was part off as he climbed up to the alter top.

The stairs were leading to a temple face alter within a wedge shaped x wing structure atop of the pyramid. The priest would have specific duties to perform when he got there and he would miraculously find himself surrounded by a bright light, symbolic moving temple icons and the awe of the spiritual visitation, thunderous voice and invisible presence of the Great High King felt and heard within the glowing mist.

He, the chosen high priest selected through specific family lineage and proven service would be sealed in ordination and set apart approved by the Voice from the temple which would then issue the instructions to be given. Instructions updated and issued during the high priest’s preordained or invoked call by the Voice of the Great High King, while all of his nation’s prayers were captured in the glowing mists, sanctified and ascended up toward the majestic and great crystal spire to heaven as all bent knee and bowed head in honor to the One True Sovereignty and each nation offering up their collective prayers at the foot of the wall facing their tribe.

Immense armies mobilize in uniform united power at the three staging areas. It was there where they gathered to join the massive hosts of the three realms groupings consisting of four tribal nations totaling the twelve nations whom were meeting at the three circle grounds. Now within the third Ring Realm the last of the hosts were pouring in. Collectively with the other two Ring Realms and each with their four tribal nations, vast hosts assembled on the plains far below.

Allegiances with many other kingdoms brought forth vast almost innumerable legion hosts from allied armies pouring into the huge valley of Valiant from all quarters during recent months. These allies had answered the call whispered and carried on the winds by runners and riders whom had heard from the Elder’s Council that served under the Great High King.

They came in large numbers still and had camped and rested these past months along the interior foot hills below the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges that were also called the Protective Bloodstained Cupping Hands of God. Each allied kingdom had gathered and rested at the edge of the vast valley of Valiant awaiting a sign from the Great High King

There they renewed the strong bonds and treaties from ancient times, that were reforged when spoken aloud by a gathering of royalty at the staging area and by the blessings of the Great High King spoken through a communication issued by the chosen servant the high priest. All of the combined allied forces of the top tear Triad kingdoms massive legions from the top of Pyramid Mountain, along with the chosen expert legions selected from among the twelve tribal nations from the Ring Realm legions had now brought together a force unlike any other.

In point of fact the gathering had established the largest combined Great High King lead, Imperial Empire, intermixed armies seen in centuries. Together the forces were effectively informed through the Elder High Council’s access to the ancient origin world’s Ark of the covenant, from which a voice link to the Great Creator Spirit issued. It was He, Who’s thunderous voice issued out regular directed communications.

Communications that reassured in peace time or times of necessary peacekeeping wars. He peacefully guided the populations or prepared them for inevitable conflict as it was required. The communications also skillfully began answering the empire’s questions and concerns all while flowing the information through to the twenty four members of the immortals known as the Elder High Council.

The council of Elders relayed the voice commands to each of the tribal nations high priests, exactly as they had been spoken word for word from the voice of the One True Sovereignty. These procedures were enacted and put into place in order for these immense armies to mobilize, work, defend or strike instantly as one unstoppable unit.

For it was this unity of order and direction that was also uniquely enabling to all of Valiant particularly during this or any other event linked to the Sovereignty giving voice over the people at any time let alone during an incredible assembly.

In all of the lands of continental Usher this time the incredible assembly was quite possibly the most enormously vast, most heavily armored and weapon equipped, multinational protective peacekeeping, military group of forces in the history of provincial Valiant, the continent and perhaps all of the planet of Azure.

Staging presentations of vast hosts such as these were planed effective events specifically designed as a public spectacular presentation of pomp and bright ceremony for the faithful religious. The gathering and presentation also functioned as a well staged example generating a practical symbolic political demonstration of united solidarity.

The purpose for such organized and image designed splendor was also so that those present from all long since sealed and forged allegiances between kingdoms, free lands, tribal nations and all of Valiant’s empire under the Great High King, might be inspired to accept and face all trials, dangers, adversities that might come and do so under a united loyalty and to one another as a bonded fellowship of legions together.


Valiant also offered abundant safe fresh water inlet sea harbors and free gleaning of resources one could gather or hunt along coastal inlets, lake shores or the wilds or forest wildernesses of Valiant. Abundant prosperity for all came from the trades with the Ring Realms, the Triad kingdoms and from all the massive amounts of power jewel and energy gemstone mines.

Power jewels or energy gemstones also fell from deep sea domains as those treasures that washed up as jewels and gemstones that lined the inlet sea coasts. Still other jewels toppled down off mountains when washed sparkling smooth, brilliant and polished from icy cold mountain stream rapids. Jewel treasures of powerful energy also toppled or were whisked swiftly down thunderous misty enveloped torrents raging forth from cascading, frigid fast furiously churned waters.

Waters carried many of the jewels of power as they came falling off the regular ice and snow melts cascading from the Bloodstained Mountain Ranges. Ranges from who’s frozen tops year round fed freshwater stream flows into the mighty waterfalls, lakes and fresh water seas of Valiant.

The Triad kingdoms of Val, Nu and Ki themselves were all located like the capital cities of the three primary kingdoms, high above the Ring Realms, but also at the heart of the Three Ring Realms, atop the great man made pyramid mountain escarpment. A man made pyramid mountain atop of which sprawled the man made escarpment with it’s lofty crowning bases that are also the upper foundations, upon which the Triad kingdoms, the huge Valiant Knights Academy and the Great Spire to Heaven all stood.

So enormous was this man made pyramid that it allowed one to see the tops of the surrounding Bloodstained Mountain Ranges. And from atop of this largest central man made pyramid arose the Great Spire to Heaven that climbed so high that it was actually an orbital tether where the Great Throne Room and Audience Chamber resided and was made available to those few called up there.

These monumental manifestations from the three curved, concave, gigantic, wide and tall walls of the mountainous man made pyramid, to the many palatial cities, grand kingdoms, enormous mansions and extraordinary structures atop or throughout the man made pyramid mountain, were glorious wonders indeed.

Amazing structures that were exquisite examples of a ponderous beautiful and breathtakingly resplendent architecture. Architecture which arose majestically up from and at the center of the province of Valiant, from the central heart of the Three Ring Realms. Buildings, shapes and architectural forms that rivaled the greatest accomplishments of the empires of the Greeks, Romans, Aztec and countless others combined.

Spectacular beauty proclaimed itself as self evident when gazing upon these Three Ring Realms, which themselves were located in the greenbelt heart of of the province of Valiant. Each of the Three Ring Realms sprawled out as huge circular land tracks which curved framing ever so closely to that area of thick granite and marble walls tracing near and eventually were set deep into the great wall by interlocking into the three concave curved wall bases.

These are those walls which are from bottom to top designed to cause the form base of Pyramid Mountain being framed firm and solid enough to have allowed the huge pyramid edifice to rise to pierce the clouds to the Ruby Throne Room Audience Chamber of the Great High King.


The Triad kingdoms, the pyramid mountain, and the Three Ring Realms themselves, were all encircled by the protective mountain ranges that sheltered the incredulously beautiful domain of the many green valleys of the province of Valiant that were all of the Empire, under the loving guidance of the Creator Spirit, Almighty Father and the Great High King.

Two days behind us the majestic clasping cupping hands of God, known also as the protective Bloodstained Mountain Ranges, could still be viewed seen tall across the magenta Azure lighting of the horizon. This was noted looking back towards the majestic provincial Ring Realm homelands of Valiant. The Old Red Tops, as they were often called colloquially by the towns persons or villagers, stood as silent looming sentinels with blood red peaks, reminding us of the price paid by the Great High King for our spiritual salvation.

Amid the crimson pointy mountain spires and rocky razor sharp outcropping spikes a picture of love and sorrow seemed to come mingled together to the forefront of ones mind. Blood red mountain sentinels who’s sharp edges and protruding peaks, that spiked out like a ring of giant thorns that actually encircled Valiant forming a wreathing crown of white and red top stained mountains.

Mountains which were swirl wreath laced about the upper regions of each of the mountains with bright pure white snows and gleaming ice. Sparkling frozen wide sections of azure followed tracing ribbons of fresh water, blue ice sheets with brilliantly sparkling white lacing bands of snow crossed one another as vibrant white stripes amid red granite peaks. They spanned out and strung around the crowning apex regions where few trees if any grew.

Evergreen trees were abundant only midway down the mountains where rolling green rocky hill sides seemed to fill in patches along the rock and boulder filled landscapes. The mid range levels of the mountains were abundantly dotted with herds and wild game amid tall forest growth patches. Forest growth patches that sprawled around about riddled with pine trees and mixed forests filled with wild life and were leading outwards from the midway mountain regions all the way down to the mountain foothills.

Villagers and towns people lived all about in a scattering multitude of communities in distances far, near to and even on the Old Red Top mountain ranges. These were individuals and families in communities, whom lived mostly along the outer rims of the mountains bases. Some others lived further out underneath the long outstretching purple shadows cast by the mountain ranges themselves.

Shadows long cast at every hour that the towns persons or villagers noted and recorded, marking certain times of the day. Shadows that would cast far and wide and denoted how communities set their hourly times and cycles of each seasons new scheduling for the planting of new crops, rotational care of herds and seasonal times for crop and orchard planting and picking.

Peoples who’s kindness and love of the empire urged within them a desire to offer up help for sheltering our royalty, generals, tribunes, centurions, caravan merchants and the civilian leadership in their dwellings while the regular legion troops pitched tents and built new permanent combination jewel and gemstone powered communication and guardian lookout defensive watchtowers stockades and defensive fortification towers around the communities that hosted the immense armies mobilized to protect the empire. A generous peoples that greeted us well and whom were friendly having given us all access to well laid out lands filled with fruit trees among vast orchards.

Citizenry and caring people’s of the freedom loving lands, whom shared their vast lands to shelter the legions, to give access to clear fresh water lakes to quench our thirsts and bountiful quantities of crops and livestock, as well as a vast wilderness range of primal jungle and forested lands. Lush richly abundant overly productive lands providing more than ample quantities of wild geese, varieties of duck, passenger pigeon, large deer, huge moose, enormous buffalo, gigantic bear, numerous warren colonies providing wild fresh meat that came from being in or near huge forest and field areas filled with vast herds of tall jack rabbit.

The towns people also provided guides to the region showing us where to find ample wild turkey, herds of six to seven foot tall flightless ground bound dodo birds, wild thirty to seventy foot cave dwelling land dragons or other larger saurian beasts along with many herds of other varieties of giant two to three horned, two to four tusked elephants, flocking herds of twelve to twenty foot tall, hook beaked, long necked birds similar to ostriches and fifty foot tall giant mammoths.

Collectively these colonies and herds of animals would provide all kinds of good sources of sustenance on the spot or preserved meats for food later on, or could be used for aiding the work force as hard working beasts, or for carrying extra supplies once broken to domestication and service. In any case the area made available to the fellowship of legions was good for sources of rich abundant wilderness game for food, timbers and fresh water as we camped before traveling on towards our objectives along the way.

For the freedom fighting legions and the legendary hosts of the Ring Realms these humble villagers and towns folk asked only for the actual cost of the goods or supplies and many gave of their earthly substances freely charging nothing to those royal houses, legions and allied forces. For the villagers knew that these forces were those which protected them through peacekeeping; and were those legions upon whom these brave people called in times of war or grievous threats.

However now, that we had moved beyond their communities and into the outlying rims of the central forests of Usher, dangers abounded and the attitudes of communities towards the legion forces encountered out there in the wilderness would likely be different.

To protect the infantry or any of us for that matter large pack saurian beasts carried prefabricated stockade tree trunk spikes approximately one meter in diameter that had been sharpened and flame hardened. These same stockade tree trunk spikes were uniformly gold Omni Ore or chrome silver Ultra Ore razor edged, fully along the top quarter measure up to the apex. The edging continued along the sides and circumference at eight equally dispersed distances around and up to the very apex spear point of each tree long, portable stockade poles, lethal and deadly spear points.

These stockade poles were formidable tree trunk full length defensive weaponry systems, which thanks to the Ancient whom designed them after studying the works created by another ancient of ages past, were quite effective. Our Ancients inspirations came from one whom was a Dream Walker known as Leonardo Da Vinci from the origin world and a distant ancestral kinsmen to our own Ancient.

It was also through our own Ancient’s designs and those of his wise, artistic renowned ancient kinsmen, that we now had acquired the benefits of imaginative technological collective sciences or objects not yet understood having almost magical properties or benefits that have blended here and are born of both worlds.

Upon setting up the Ancient designed Imperial stockades at the end of each days journey from that fifth day point on, one legion with heavy weaponry systems and war machines would be left behind to hold the stockade outpost and as a vital link to act as the nearest early warning to the vast province of Valiant’s mighty Three Ring Realm’s twelve tribal nations and the many Triad kingdoms within the empire under the Great High King. This would result in a continued military colonizing peace keeping presence and supply line from that five day out wilderness point right to the fringe frontiers of Usher.

These defensive stockades would ensure the establishment of a growing new stability with broadening general continued peace…and so usher notably in fuller, richer expanded freedoms for peace loving, freedom living, dedicated civilizations. Civilizations who’s populations would help to offer prosperity through the given loyalties, duties, services, time spent and responsibilities respectfully and willingly given by the populations dependent on the Valiant legions.

Far more important and fully recognized by the populations was the fact that at the core heart of sheltering care came from the ever present nurturing and sheltering afforded and freely issued under the protection and love of the the Trinity, Whom are the One True Sovereignty, the Creator Spirit and the Great High King, that make up the One True Almighty God.

Like at this first, new stockade outpost settlement, skilled warriors of the allegiance of legions would set to work on building and establishing oil filled trenches, or the planting of the large black powder filled clay jars and then surrounding the area by using flammable triggering fuses to pools of black tar oil and sticky explosive pine pitch juices.

These substances were what in generous quantities filled motes between both of the stockade walls and an outer mote outside that was just in the front of the first primary stockade encircling the settlement. For those inside the settlement, that would as a population need to prepare, realized the need of such measures to guard form the many great dangers presented by the primal and savage forces, or wild creatures.

Creatures that crept, stamped, rumbled, swiftly flew, undulated in serpentine movements, slowly slunk, creepily crawled, prowled as ravenous hungry beasts or pounded vast areas of grounds as they thunderously moved in herds across unexplored regions of mysterious continental Usher’s enormous interiors.

They whom joined us and we of the fellowship of legions would then set out to tending to the Azure energy gemstones trigger systems. Trigger systems that were only possible with the fellowship legion camps portable Fury Forges. Each legion carried their own Fury Forges on wagons with the Fury Forge’s equipment solar and wind turbine energy backup support systems and the Fury Forges high powered spectacular special power jewel and energy gemstone systems.

Theses systems joined defensive purposes via linking them to a third tall structure, namely a protective inner wall of chrome silver titanium Ultra Ore blended metals. These metals were held together as a wall mass with a chain linked energized interlocking gate wall twisted and woven about the long pike spears and razor wire ties. This particular set up did thereby structure the creation or forming of an electrical high voltage plasma field of super lightening completely around the inside of the massive camp.

This was also where we afterwards prepared for the evening, after having accomplished these steps towards security. Time passed and we had begun preparing to have settled down for the cooling temperatures of the primal jungle that came with the on set of this wilderness regions misty chilling damp night.

Of course we did not retire to our tents until after having posted guards every ten feet along the inside raised walkways of the first outer stockade defensive wall. Simultaneously in similar fashion along the identically designed interior stockade defensive walls of the second stockade, the same troop placements were issued.

The two stockade walls were separated by the many oil filled trenches, the poison tipped erected points of spears hidden in camouflaged pits and the many maned prior loaded giant crossbows. The swift rising up of the wilderness stockade fortress walls along with the defensive Ultra Ore, power jewel and energy gemstone power systems of the fury forges that powered and further protected the outposts were easily erected.

All the work loads were vastly aided considerably by the stamina and strength of well trained domesticated huge land dragons or long neck dinosaurs and those super sized enormous saurian beasts of our homelands.

Having the unique aid of our hundreds of thousands of skilled campaign service hardened legion troops, working as practiced trained builders, carpenters, stone masons, plumbers, masons, electricians, stablemen, blacksmiths, weapons and armor makers, as well as expert military fortification erectors also able to construct on a large scale, boldly providing domestic civilian and military dwellings were a huge benefit.

Together these human and beast resources helped towards providing space for the millions marching form Valiant and those whom had joined the fellowship as allies from the surrounding kingdoms. Allied kingdoms whom also provided skilled workers joining along side with all of our skilled workers from Valiant along with the those skilled workers from the merchant caravans which also provided skilled help towards providing needed sheltering or key housing along with personal for an extra layer of civilian security.

Motes and tar pits also filled the area spaces between the two huge sets of defensive stockade walls protecting all of us. Before leaving for the next days jaunt most of the materials, heavy weaponry systems powered long pike metal fencing and tree trunk stockade poles were taken down leaving only one or two legions as might be required. Those remaining legions were deemed as enough to adequately protect and secure that new single or double legion outpost until permanent thick granite, marble and heavy stone walls could be delivered by brute force and skilled engineering.

Delivering of the primary supplies was provided by huge barges on plentiful waterways, or via teams of giant white rhinos, immense mammoths, or huge saurian beasts. Strong enormous saurian beast teams comprised from among Valiant and Usher’s large back plated, spike nail tailed stegosaurus, or three horned, head and neck shielded Triceratops.

Other immense sources of strength and incredible power came from massive long chained and harnessed teams of Valiant’s and Usher’s enormously tall, long tailed, long necked Brontosaurus or thunderous Ultra super sized saurian beast dinosaurs, or teams of giant fin back or powerful smooth back land dragons from the planet of Azure added to our fellowship all the many strong and plentifully available key powerful resources. Resources that also were useful when drawing immense wagons, incredibly heavy stone blocks, tall trees and in building and erecting strong solid stone fort walls.

These steps would leave a full but smaller stockade outpost behind with a full heavy armored legion, two or three, still allowing for us to take sufficient material to be removed to create the subsequent stockades and outpost colony fortresses, along through the wilderness domains sprawled out across more than half the distance or length of the continent of Usher.

The many security precautions also provided early warning protection for the occupants of our tens of thousands of twelve person tents within the stockade outposts. Protective defensive warning systems that also corresponded to the legionaries who had set up that first night in the first raising of the stockades, just three days out at the foot of the Bloodstained mountains and again with the second stockade fortress just five days out from the Triad kingdoms. At each outpost new permanent stone wall structures had been built within the stockade structures that had remained assembled in tact and sturdy.

Scores were warming themselves up on the cool night at each newly lit fire. The collective numbers warming themselves reached into the many tens of thousands and each group stood in front of large bomb fires that were even spaced ten meters or more apart and not more than twenty meters or so out from each twelve man tent.

It was absolutely the spectacular designs and artistic style of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci inventions that caught our own Ancients eye. These ideas now merged with the new designs of our very own Ancient, who came up with new innovations to improve the Da Vinci designs, which would prove to be a powerful attack as well as defensive systems.

These deterrents were soon to be tested against wild saurian land dragons, tree trunk wielding giants, enormous flying fire breathing dragons and giants serpents hundreds of feet long. Our defenses would also be tested against giant trap door spiders, the camouflaged giant forest stripe pattern cross colored scorpions, or the larger sandy gray king scorpions that forage into the jungles occasionally from neighboring rocky canyons and pocket patch deserts. For that matter we were likely to encounter any number of those other huge hungry predators running savagely in vast numbers across the mysterious planet of Azure.

Creatures weighing more than an armored man would trigger an ingenious spring loaded trap specifically created to grievously wound or kill any larger or gigantic predator attempting to surmount either of the first or the second of the two highly razor edged solid timbered, straight and rigged, tall stockade walls.

Once caught on the stockades spring loaded poison tipped, Ultra Ore razor edged points of either the first or second set of stockade walls the predators would fall prey to the many backup pit traps. In the pit traps it would fall under the targets of ballistic machines of war and defenses set up as kill systems between the walls that would repeatedly target the attacker. What the enemy was when it attacked us did not matter.

Any group of raiders or any individual bloodthirsty enormous, wild stalking, hungry hunting primal creature or group of savage beasts of the wilderness would automatically be set upon with full defensive and offensive weaponry. What ever or whom ever had set to stalk and kill us or would prey upon the communities under our protection would meet lethal oppositions.

Creatures whom were an ever real and present daily and nightly danger of attacking and thrusting swift costly slaughtering upon our fellowship or our non military peoples would find that we to had teeth. Should attack come through sudden brutal blitzing strikes or from the perfectly executed pouncing hits as ponderous diverse and unknown predators invade we would be ready.

Only the hosts of numerous overlapping torch light flames or illuminations from the myriad of the outpost stockades bomb fires and campfires, along with the elevated vigilance of each legion guard would prevent enemies or dangers from overtaking the stockade, along with preventing the catastrophic upheaval and the bloodshed of noble peacekeeping men and women warriors, or those large numbers of innocent citizenry of the caravans lodged among the legendary and the brave legions and those hearty bold and diverse groups of skilled allied forces that had joined the main fellowship of legions.

The far heavier weight of any large threatening wild creatures of the savage wilderness forests and primal jungles of the midlands of Usher would unwittingly compress an underground, spring loaded set of latches, levers and trigger pins releasing the pent up powerful forces of coiled energies.

Coiled energies from giant Ultra Ore springs, that would launch thrust upwards one or more of the ultra ore, razor sharp edged, poison tipped stockade poles into the flesh and bone of any over sized or enormous attacker.

There were more clever devices than spring loaded tree trunk sized, poison spear point tipped shafts from the Ultra Ore razor edged tips of stockade walls, or the oil, pitch or tar filled trenches like those that lead into black powder filled jars. Jars of black powder which would start exploding as the triggering racing fires licked ablaze each of their plant or whale oil, pine pitch or alcohol soaked cloth black powdered fuses.

Then as the fuses burned to their ends, they would in so doing, trigger the beginning of crippling and deadly powerful sets of impact blasts from the many explosions. Explosions which would soon begin to lead the enemies or creatures stumbling and shell shocked into still more kill zone trip lines and traps.

A resulting carnage would ensue when an enemy raider or large creature predator would themselves become prey. Far more devilish traps than even these were afoot, and well needed to set to protecting us by the Ancients designs. Many of the systems were inspired by Ancients of old, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, along with those inventions and designs created or inspired by the Ancient and his life long friend the elder king Joseph over the last five centuries.

Twenty meters in from the first stockade wall encircling the enormous fellowship of legions the vast merchant caravans, the attending colonizing pioneering citizenry, with the highly skilled civilian trades person and the collective royalties, there were placed many of the large ballistic weaponry systems.

The royalties and those varied illustrious eminences whom were also hardened ready warriors in their own right. The royalties and nobles worked side by side with those under his command and with all the allied forces now joined to the fellowship of the legions from the Triad kingdoms and the mighty hosts of nation legion armies of the Three Ring Realms.

At that twenty meter mark just in from the first stockade and center way positioned between the first stockade and the second stockade, stood row after row of prior loaded giant crossbows. Now each crossbow was maned continuously by seven attending heavily armored centurions each commanding one hundred equally well equipped troops.

Two centurions to set the lifting or lowering, of the forward or backward lock sliding systems, or for the raising of the sites to target. Two centurions to hoist the huge tree sized crossbow arrows off of specially designed racks with pulleys and chains. Still two other centurions to render the safe positioning of each twelve foot long, one foot diameter, sharpened fire hardened projectiles into a ready rapid reload state. Then lastly the seventh centurion who was the one key centurion, the trigger operator for the heavy ballistics, of the swift launching and lethal giant crossbows.

The giant crossbow ballistic weapons utilized Ultra Ore or Omni Ore arrow point tip, razor sharp chrome silver Ultra Ore, or golden Omni Ore edging from the top quarter up to the apex point of the projectile weapons. These ballistic missile weapons were tree trunk sized poisonous arrows. Each of the seven Centurions commanded one hundred legion infantry troops and twenty men on extra large, six huffed fully armored heavy knights horses.

Both hardened warrior riders and battle tested steed mounts were heavily armored. Each Centurion reported to commanders called Tribunes, who in turn reported to certain generals and the generals reported to the heads of their particular royal houses.

The Centurion trigger person had a key and vital responsibility. He or she as a trigger operator for such heavy engineered ballistics weapon systems would be a persons or individuals whom would have to be an expert in large tactical crossbowmen missiles and a sharpshooter marksman or sharpshooting women. Additionally these would have to be experts who’s skills would also have to be cross adaptable to other weapons.

Young royalty princesses and princes were mandated by their king and queen parents and the elder kings of the Triad kingdoms to know of and master all Imperial weapon systems and where or when ever possible to master those many unique and specialize weapons of other realms, or encountered cultures.These same royalty were all triple trained from earliest childhood to act quickly to take over should any generals, tribunes, centurions or key legion, or allied personal falter or fail the skill set for their posted positions.

The young royalty would during those moments apply all they had to complete their goals, in the event of an emergency, where another warrior failed, so that they as the royals could swiftly step in to set things right if needed.

Each prince and princess among the royalties needed to become experts on all the weapons systems already mentioned and weapon system like catapults with bulls eye mastery systems built for power, distance and strategic targeting accuracy, which were very important, as specially in any major conflict or larger scale battle. Other important weapons systems to be mastered might be the Imperial ram pole weapons, massive catapults, or rail gun rock or Greek fire launchers.

Or these future rulers of kingdoms would perhaps under the responsibilities to honor and duty for royals, would become experts in the use of giant twelve foot boomerang shields and star shaped flying swords assemblies. The boomerang shields were flying wings that warriors could fling far and swiftly with great skill.

Appearances of the boomerang shields, were weapons resembling huge razor edged, odd V shaped wings, once slung flinging through the air were perhaps one of the most deadly reusable weapons of mass destruction in field battle clashes. Both the star sword assembly and the boomerang shields were among some of the best of the weapons in the legions arsenal as they could sever the tendons, muscles, bones or jugulars of even the largest dinosaur, dragon or enormous predator.

These required studies in theoretical and practical applications were a necessary and mandatory schooled training in skills and weapons mastery lessons for every royal, general, tribune, centurion, legionary and allied warrior whom as selected individuals had been granted the special schooling through the Valiant Knights Academy. Such an individual would also surely know how to operate and construct the spring loaded stockade defenses against the many deadly giant creatures of continental Usher.

Were these giant creature encounters not enough to contend with there were the countless diverse enemy raiding parties which periodically attacked the thin furthest out flanking lines over several weeks. The first of those attacks, starting at a time and distance just two days out beyond the province of Valiant’s Bloodstained Mountain Ranges.

A raiding party of what we had first thought to be only about five hundred plus plundering pirates, wild eyed murderous vikings and cutthroat mercenaries sailed overhead dropping rocks and black power bombs onto thinly dispersed sections of an outlying contingent flank of reserve legionaries, numerous infantry legion troops, along allied fellowship forces and those mounted cavalry set on the fringe flanks specifically to handle such attacks.

The pirates, vikings and mercenaries flew overhead on what we at first glance believe to be just a dozen or so small dirigible lifted wooden ships. The enemy dirigible ships were swift and they tore a bloody pitch battle unleashing confusion and carnage that blitzed the right flank taking them almost completely by surprise.

Large swift enemy crafts had dove down approaching intentionally at that certain time of day nearing dusk. It was the time of day when the three sun’s of Azure were starting to set, shooting forth brilliantly blinding beams from the setting sun light, from the shine of each of the shimmering different colored suns.

It was Chieftain King Jonathan the bold of the vast Ring Realms who noticed the attackers ships long shadows, from his position in the main legion processions some distance from the flanking lines that were soon to be set upon in a violent attack. King Jonathon drew and raised his twelve foot ancient flaming star sword of kings. Jonathon launched quickly into action, swiftly ordering those warriors nearest him to flinging their deadly boomerang shields.

With the impressive catapult like thrusting of Jonathan’s boomerang shield it flew true, flung whipped violently but accurately up into the air high across the flanking fellowship forces. Next the shield hit directly into the forefront of the raiding airship leading the fleet of wooden enemy dirigible warship vessels.

By now the raiders fleet began engaging the flank forces in all out combat and carnage. King Jonathan’s men now grabbed all of their own shields and prepared to launch their lethal weaponry. Boomeranging fast flying shields whistled in high sharp pitches through the air and struck hard to tightly bite deep into wooden hulls, tall thick masts, billowing solar sails and the dirigible airships frames.

Savage destructively lethal were the strikes and hits thrust violently into those injured and unlucky barbarian raiders, plundering pirates, vicious vikings, cutthroat killers, diverse non human sentient kind warriors. Strike after strike hit true upon murderous mercenaries, whom were badly wounded, or killed instantly.

Plundering pirates felt the fury of the fellowship as they were sliced through as a host of airborne mighty tossing throws from numerous boomerang shields struck true enough. Barbarians fell beheaded, other savage sentient kind raiders were quickly cleaved in two. Others vicious viking raiders were impaled, or quickly bled as did many of the enemy. A strike by the flying boomerang shields of Valiant meant death through a depriving of one or more of their limbs, deep gashes, impalement, beheading or by an impact from each or any of the razor edged shields.

It was a great and powerful broad sword in the hand of the average twelve to fourteen foot Ring Realm warrior, but in the hands of this particular eighteen foot tall Ring Realm Chieftain King the energy gemstone and power jewel encrusted cleaving weapon was nigh onto unstoppable.

The eighteen foot tall king with his twelve foot blade were not only fearsome but were also legendary components of a great legion sung about in the Ring Realm histories. While he, king Jonathan aimed his flaming star sword’s bright shimmering blade it began to glow with an intense brilliant fury.

Across Jonathan’s kingly broad shoulders and strong back was slung a magnificent energy gemstone and power jewel encrusted ornately engraved metal stock to an Ultra Ore War Hammer called Throng and two spectacularly fashioned and designed throwing axes. These unique powerful aforementioned weapons he held in reserve, while directing the energy blasts of his twelve foot star sword’s plasma bolts towards the fleet of enemy ships filled with vile and brutal plundering cutthroat pirates and murderous mercenaries.

Not only was the twelve foot long Ultra Ore sword and razor edged blade etched with an inlay of gold and silver images of flames, it actually would burst out lightening plasma flames. The plasma lightening would swiftly flash it’s bright energies up and down the swords length. From the ancient long sword blade, surged bolts of plasma energy flares were released flying over the heads of those legions on the distant flanks.

The ancient sword called Star Lightening was handed down from the kings of old. Now Star Lightening was the property of the next in line of Ring Realm kings. That king was King Jonathan, whom when he quickly pressed a gemstone button on the swords pearl and Ultra Ore hilt, he had activated the release of plasma flare bolts to warn his son prince Gabriel Jon and hopefully fast set irrupting into blazing flames, the murderous mercenary raiders dirigible lifted aloft flying warship vessels.

With luck the star swords blistering plasma energy bolts would trigger the destructive firers anticipated and the intense flames would swiftly spread discouraging or even turning the enemy fleet away.

Prince Gabriel Jon, who with his brother prince Evander Micheal, was leading several of the legions on either side around a caravan of merchants. It was at that same time king Jonathon blew his chrome silver trumpet to warn the flanking forces and all the fellowship of the impending dangers.

As other royals, generals or commanding leaders of legion troop forces also caught sight of the flying enemy vessels that were now positioning swiftly in thrusting on towards strategic areas and in set flying formations planed for their areal attacking and targeting run, they to followed the example set by king Jonathan of the Ring Realm Tribal Nations.

Together the alerted hosts of leadership around Jonathan added their leadership directions to the legions raising one of the instruments of signaling issued to all leaders. A small easily hidden and carried tool for quick sounding or brightly reflective instrument for flashes to silently alert a warning.

Almost in unison hundred of leaders gripped swiftly for their warning instruments at their sides or about them around their necks and placed the long horn shaped objects to their lips powerfully blowing the alert calls as they rang out a thunderous chorus of thronging warnings which echoed reverberating in escalating crisp clear musical notes, steadily increasing in volume as each melodic horns blasted notes floating an ever stirring group tone as they issued strong and sharply from chrome bright, pure Ultra Ore silver and gold trumpets.

Polished mirror chrome finishes on the trumpets bounced reflected light from the bright rays issuing from Azure’s three different colored suns. The angle of reflection directed beams of brilliant light projecting it upwards momentarily towards the very enemy fleet of airship vessels. The mirror chrome finish of each silver and gold horn acted like a sea of mirrors blinding the raiding fleet for a near critical minuet.

This allowed some warning to the fellowship of legions to prepare for the onslaught of attacking ships. The mercenary vessels had taken advantage of the bright rays of Azure’s three slowly setting suns. The three sun’s brilliant rays were at just the right angle to blind the flanking legions.

The savage vikings, wild barbarians and plundering pirate mercenaries flew in on their large wooden hulled dirigible flying ships, aiming towards their desired goals. The fellowship legions commanders combination Ultra Ore silver and gold horns rang aloud sounding crisp and clear.

Each leader simultaneously took advantage of the chrome mirror finishing of their signaling horns, by swiftly flashing the brilliant rays of Azure’s three suns directly into the oncoming fleet of enemy airships. The enemy slowed in disarray, but only momentarily. Furiously enraged brutal barbarians, vicious vikings, plundering pirates and a myriad of murderous mercenaries were not yet stopped. Death road of with the enemy fleet advance.

The enemy had cunningly come in at corresponding angles to the three sun’s blinding rays. The flying mixed group of pirate mercenaries dove in on correlative approach patterns. Plotted approach patterns were set by the plundering pirates, murderous mercenary and vicious viking captains of the enemy attack vessels whom readily made continuous adjustments or allowances in response to the blinding flashes impacting their visual perceptions throwing the attackers capabilities off.

Those same swiftly moving attackers were virtually invisible with the three different colored Azure sun’s to their backs. Though the slowly setting of the three different suns had shrouded the enemy from the flanking legionaries and Ring Realm armies.


The jungle shrouding mists and dark night, with its wilderness filled with enormous unimaginable deadly threats and smothering fogy evening clouds would pose new problems.

Add to this the blood chilling, fearsome almost overwhelming echoing cries of a host of savage jungle wilderness beasts and those deadly unimaginable threats expanded swiftly into the hearts of all present. Effectively the primal echoing cries were producing a dreadful horror and a foreboding terror within all. The sounds were quick to create the perfect situation for fear driven error and conflict.

But before the nightmarish howling night could fall blanketing us with the usual evenings shrouding thick foggy mists limiting our visibility even further, we were under attack by the mixed group of what we now knew to be at least twenty five hundred plus raiders whom flew in on board of not a mere dozen but at least twenty five fearsome warrior wild men filled, flying wooden ships carried aloft by huge, solar sail, steam and energy gemstone powered dirigibles.


The battle between the raiders and the legions expanded into furious carnage. Continued explosive charges dropping all around the approaching legionaries and allied army troops fell steady and fast. The flank was now completely cut off from much of the legion forces. The attack was forcing the flanking fellowship legion forces in tight together.

Though brave and bold the fellowship flanking forces were beaten back by the enemy whom were forcing the fellowship to take shelter in frantic disarray behind rocks hillsides and trees. The royalty always at the forefront, having jumped onto the wagons and now with loading complete aimed as they swiftly selected targets and launched from multiple wagons.

Spectacularly the air filled with grappling hook spears that whistled and rattled as they swiftly shot upwards tethered to long unwinding spools of strong chains. The grappling hooks with their curved spear point ends soon were piercing into and around the rope ties, solar cell networked wing sails and masts of the solar, steam, gemstone or fury forge powered, fast flying dirigibles that formed the fleet of attacking high lifted aloft pirating warships.

The barbarians, vicious vikings, deadly mercenaries and cutthroat plundering pirates were wildly swing down and across the battlefield on knotted ropes while slashing, thrashing, swinging and hacking savagely at our separated forces and the young royalty. Royalty whom were well in the thick of battle. Pikes impaled, axes hacked off limbs, spears flew true throughout armor, chain mail and leather vestments.

Growing misty red rains from falling or floating blast blown clouds of crimson, continued from those victims who’s shed blood splatter, arterial spraying and explosive decompression from a direct hit left only carbon scorched, blood red streaked craters and a misty crimson clouds, over black smoldering cloud billows from burning shattered wagons, savagely torn shredded flesh, broken fragmented bones, the violently twisted blown apart bodies of both men and beasts.

Warriors savagely clashed against one another with crossbow bolts, spiked clubs, chain linked nail spiked mace and razor edged shields. Weapons of every kind crushed against muscle, tendons, or clean through arteries and bone that then spewed marrow and gushed blood profusely.

These horrors were followed by still more of the sounds of bones cracking and bodies viciously being severed through in a combative crucible chorus of cataclysmic carnage. The bold brutal battles swept steadily on with the use of imperial golden Ultra Ore and chrome silver Omni Ore, jeweled battle armors.

The battle surged on while the youth and flank drew weapons with emerald hilts lined in golden trimmed splendor as lethal weapons which swung wildly as the royals and the warriors of the legions joined into heavy battle. Flanking fellowship forces thrust their sturdy curved serrated or straight long daggers, or their diamond studded, ruby or emerald hilt centered razor sharp slender twin bladed daggers accurately to target.

The Ring Realm royalties defended themselves and the citizen merchant caravans with their gleaming ruby endowed double edged short swords, which through each legion warriors skills fiercely and most accurately swung to swiftly slice through those enemies attacking them. Battle furies raged on with the jade handled thin, short twelve inch throwing knives and the long blue jewel encrusted Azure power jewel and energized gemstone broadswords.

A virtual sweat drenching, blood fever heated battle conflict of unsurpassed resplendently skilled examples of warfare carnage shot wide a continual heavy, hot crimson misty haze, and salty savory taste of copper relentlessly into the mouths of many as swirling crimson mists wafted thick through the quickly moving winds of the cooling jungle’s early evening air.

Steadily more mounted legions road pouring in to rescue the troopers that had first been hit by the force of falling rocks and black powder bombs which had caused the royalty to become lost in heavy billowing clouds of black smoke and in the thick confusing fury of fierce battle. Royals from each family branch joined the ranks of the other royalty lead freedom fighters, in the collective allegiance forces of the Ring Realm legions.

These were some of the first pressed upon and those royalty seriously engaged in hard pressed battle at the scene of the primary conflict. Soon the conflict swelled in support of the trapped fellowship royalty to once again change the fickle swiftly altering tides of battle. However not before a great and heavy cost.

It was then that prince Gabriel sounded a command that rang clearly and sure across the sea of long rows of straight aiming, readied hardened warriors of the legions. Sharp shooter troopers all, and loyal brave legionaries and allied army forces that eagerly joined in to the battle cries. Legionaries and the allied armies of the Triad kingdoms and the vast domains of the mighty Three Ring Realms, whom shouted with prince Gabriel, his brother and many cousins in quick split second repeat.

The orders rang clear and true throughout the chaos, blood curdling cries and the carnage of fierce fighting. Carnage that had left along dark crimson soaked trail. Costly bloodshed drenched into the earth, the upturned pocked holes, or the smoldering craters and the battlefield areas that were now blast blackened and ash covered.

Crimson flows running into craters of smoldering blackened earth turned dark and grey joined by wind wafted ripples of piling ash residues from consumed wood and flesh fell all about. Ashes that were built upon and sustained via the flames that still continued to scorch green hillsides.

Flames grew rapidly leaving further rolling mounds of ash along valley fields as they slowly burnt down while mingling into mud and blood trails. Ever increasing mud and blood trails which were created by scattered heaps of end trails or swiftly swirling red tides mixed into fast moving streams.

Fast flowing streams which together grew more into more swift moving streams fed by the blood trails that continually trickled ever more fluidly into overflowing, heavily drenched earth. Earth drenched and riddled by crimson pools that had collected in large pothole blast craters. Crimson pools gathered ever more swiftly along the muddy blood drenched soils and spattered bush brushes and ravaged foliage upon the jungle trails, clearings and nearby river ways.

Ghastly blood rains continued with the raging battle from unspeakable carnage creating new creeks. Creeks that were streaming with newly formed flows of azure, crimson and copper green clashing colored clumps and tides. Terrible tides that were rushing into nearby rivers turned increasingly evermore darkened red with the blood of enemy and friend alike.

River waters where red tides merged with rainbow colors and the black gunk of oil slick trails coming from the remnants of fallen war machines, great domesticated beasts and the blood of a multitude of fallen enemy and allied corpses. Truly the best thing about battle and warfare are their avoidance, their swiftest possible ending and hopefully the eventual security and peace.

A peace that might be afforded freedom loving civilizations during the periods of time between the ages of major conflict or period of peace. All of the empire of Valiant knew that while evil exists and is allowed to arise anew and left unchecked, that their will always be the need for peacekeeping wars and peacekeeping forces from free nations.

Prince Gabriel Jon knew that the only good in war was the destruction of evil physically and in it’s ideology in order to birth new or consolidate those traditional rights, responsibilities required by all and to maintain freedom. So it is now that prince Gabriel began to determinedly lead the commands applying specific gesturing movements and signal actions.

He erupted into shouting loudly his voice carrying in echoing boom with all the other royalty on the crippled besieged legions of the flank…”Archers!“ Gabriel called out. Legions in unison yelled…”Archers!”

Prince Gabriel then quickly raised his energized glowing sword of power with gemstones humming while electrical elemental plasma energies raced up and down the length of his mighty sword the Star of Azure and his powerful boomerang shield named from ancient times as the Zygote Splicer.

Like his father’s weapons and sword Gabriel’s weapons were also of energy gemstone and power jewel enabled variety from far off bygone ages and had been handed down throughout countless centuries. Some say as far back as five to seven thousand years ago. No one knows for sure. Each mighty weapon of energy gemstone or power jewel enabled forces were given such tittles long ago in memory of the lost realms of Merlin’s secret domains of illusion and good magic.

Domains with name such as Dragon Star City said to be high above the planet of Azure and also named after the equally powerful icon symbol of magic, the one singular largest and enormous power jewel gemstone island of Avalon. Dragon Star City and Avalon which were shot through an inter-dimensional vortex portal. Places shot through the vortex gateways when their parent continent exploded and sunk in far flung fragments into a newly expanded and newly created seas birth.

A continent that self-destructed and sank during the great origin world wide deluge. The world wide origin world deluge of Earth, leaving behind only the island of Avalon with all it’s secret knowledge to appear on the planet of Azure. An appearance of Avalon afforded to allow the chance that one day it might be rediscovered.

Magical mighty Avalon preserved so that one day it’s ancient wisdom and advanced knowledge could be rediscovered and understood. Avalon and Dragon Star City preserved with all that those remains have protected. Preserved remnants of that once great and powerful continent that both worlds remember as the lost continent of mighty and fallen Atlantis.

Then it followed that in the next swiftly passing moments, as the young prince Gabriel lowered his arm swiftly swinging down his energized star sword, the Star of Azure he yelled…”Flame, aim and fire!” All legionaries and allied forces joined in unison once more generating a formidable set of echoing booming throngs and bone rattling and soul shaking, fearsome cry.

“Flame, aim and fire!” With that cry flung innumerable long shafts which were rapidly whistle dart vaulting in fearsome waves sent swiftly streaming and vaulting metal bolt missiles up and outwards as a cloud of flaming points of streaking amber silhouetted shafts dressed in dancing flames began echoing their rattling sound proclaiming their lethal purpose as they arose united in just directed defensive cause launching and creating an avenging rain of flying death on mass.

Waves of golden amber trailed long swiftly racing light weight Ultra Ore arrow shafts casting ebony shadows which flew across the turquoise magenta, fading blue to darkening heavens. All this transpired while the dying of the day began blending with a light maroon orange streaked sky. A dying days sky which now presented deadly projectiles across the heavens as a sea of lit archery masters arrows launched by the legions strongest sling aided spear throwers and very best archers who’s metal arrows and spears flung accurately in incredible speed to their targets.

Only the pulsing flickering arcing streams of flames infused throughout the massive orange tinted amber and blue green hued heavens revealed the streaking flights as spears and arrow on fire. Deadly shafts raced as whistling volleys of fast moving, dark trailing shadows. Back lit shadows wreathed and silhouetted in flames that shot deadly razor sharp racing metals. Razor sharp metals that now began hailing death in downward arch.

The blazing cloud of projectiles sang swiftly rattling humming sounds as those same sure shot shafts of death revealed themselves to the enemy as flaming spears and arrows. Legion launched volley swarms of Ultra Ore, x-wing tipped, hook barbed razor edged metal spears rattled within the cloud of spears and arrows. The flight of missiles in unison were now cascading in brilliant fiery crimson and golden yellow streaks.

The terrorizing image like flying flaming torches that denoted and revealed to the enemy fearsome hints to their avenging nature. A cloud of shadow and fire swiftly streaking against those same now wide eyed mercenaries whom had so savagely first attacked the convoy of caravans and legions without provocation.

Soon the sky darkened as the rows of legions repeatedly launched cloud wave after searing cloud wave of humming sure shot spears and whistling flaming arrows of doom. Flaming death dealers of avenging swift justice raining upon the enemy like a storm clouds released furies in high wind, heavy rain and pounding relentless gale.

A dark occasionally flame kissed dimly back lit shadowy whistling storm cloud manifestation of streaking spears and arrows, shooting upwards and falling in arcing waves across the sky as a sea of blazing metal bolts. Metal bolts that were at one and the same time illuminating areas revealing sudden impact strikes through flashing glimpses while embers sparks and flame crashed and clashed against targets. Targets that fell hard and struck true with flames, to abruptly begin casting their own resulting images of cascading catastrophic crimson carnage.

Cascading catastrophic crimson carnage rained via flaming razor edged shafts dealing and revealing death and destruction with the flash illuminations. Illuminations raged from full flame flare enveloped and sharp cast dreadful shadows. The arrows and spears climbed then arched swiftly like a fast driven storm moving in shadowy clouds flicker illuminated by flame.

A tempest of whistling rattling shadows filled with fury carrying wave after wave of metal spear and arrow shafts. The missiles flew racing as deadly razor sharp, barbed, Ultra Ore edged, pointy bearers of flaming long lethal darts of doom and death.

And yet this doom was a well measured and proper reaction to end the immediate conflict as quickly as possible. Remorseless onslaught after onslaught of powerfully launched swiftly moving spears and arrows. Lit lethal armaments raced rattling and striving for placement within the cloud of flying metal shafts, that were completing their climb. Now the weapons shrieked whisking over the enemy and had started arching down swiftly.

Missiles of hard driven weapons began raining in cascading hails. Legion forces flung a great tempest once again even while those missiles already issued forth fell to targets. The first waves hit true, periodically flashing a bright repeated illuminating onto those first set targets.

It was now that the projectiles moved as flaming swiftly flying shafts, thudding on target as they whistled and fell resembling fast blown clinking clamoring clouds of hailing brimstone. The spears and swords continued streaking through the heavens in each new wave with the blinding force, mirroring natures primal thunderbolts.


Each stood at the heads of their respective legions and volunteer Ring Realm legionary troops. They thought nothing of placing themselves in more than equal or greater danger leading by example and by throwing themselves into the thick fearsome fury, carnage and blood rage.

Years of training guided their hand and actions in battle by utilizing skillful disciplined and effective battlefield arts with Valiant Knights Academy and Ring Realm system techniques. Amazing techniques applied through sustained courage gleaned via tireless truly tried and tested Valiant Knights Academy, Triad Kingdom and Ring Realm Nation’s special forces training, highly focused reflexes, endlessly practiced skills and highly developed instincts.

The collective royalty was under a desperate last ditch assault by the surviving fifteen hundred twenty odd sword wielding, ax swinging barbarian vikings, mace and long knife wielding, deep slashing cutthroat mercenaries and plundering double dealing pirates.

Having now changed their tactics the enemy reacted quickly attempting to kidnap or capture the cornered forces and trapped high ranking leadership of nobles along with those whom would be the most valuable hostages for the raiders, that being the young royalty. It had become obvious that the enemies goals were to continue to do deadly battle against the surrounded flank of the fellowship, with the end game set to robbery, hostage taking and kidnapping for high profits using the younger members of the royalty.

Again the royalty thought first of those they protected and so they had thought nothing of throwing themselves at the forefront and into the midst of savage carnage. A battle royal, birthed by greed, lust of power, brutal natures and cutthroat barbarism on the side of the enemy and protective heroism, valor and self preservation on the part of the boxed in flank fellowship legion forces that had now entered savage and hard fought clashing carnage.

Violently erupting fury and fearsome swift battle actions ensued hard pressed throughout the frantic raging tides of the savage conflict. Because of their courage and fearlessness they, the flanking fellowship legions and trapped royalty, were far ahead of their main body of support legions and were now cut off from immediate assistance.


Legion forces roared as they charged while the commanders and kings blew on their horns again. Brilliant new flashes reflected off each warriors sounding horns as Azure’s three Sun’s radiant beams bounced off of chrome mirror finishing. Flashes blinded bright repeatedly. Every magnificent horn and fellowship legion warrior’s polished armors collectively served to momentarily flash the blinding light rays into the eyes of the enemy.

These are practiced long tested and skillful actions used in combat training. The legion commanders knew the act would temporarily have blinded and confused the enemy fleet of mixed murderous mercenaries comprised of creature sentient kind warriors, as well as vikings, pirates, barbarians, cutthroats, whom if blinded however temporarily would give advantage to the fellowship forces now engaging in the rescue of the flanking fellowship forces.

All the other senior royalties were soon joined by the forces accompanying cleverly brilliant marksmen. Forces followed under the banner each of the high flying crests of tall strong leaders, with his brave brother and sister warriors. Legions of the thin commerce minded, skilled bold kings, whom would usually measure the costs, eagerly joined ridding in long pikes and axes at the ready. The jovial and swift of sword kings of Valiant, with broad shoulders and the always present sly grinning smirk and echoing battle cries fearlessly charged in on saurian mounts as they bore in finally half smiling and clenching there teeth whenever they charged into battle. King Carlo was among the bravest and he road hard furiously up with his legion of sword master warriors wielding both long double edged, razor sharp broadswords and crisscross patterned battleaxes strapped with strong Azure metal chain around there wrists allowing each to swing wide mighty swipes at all enemies. King Carlo and all the royalty forces would stop at nothing in order to help in the daring rescue of all his kin trapped within the flanking fellowship forces.


Above still another fellowship force of legions flew a huge leathery winged fast flying serrated toothed pterodactyl. Likewise flying over a group of legion’s high fluttering banner’s arose a coiled two headed flying serpent. Fantastic and breathtaking was the flying lion over another battle group. The largest winged mascot flying point over the rapid advancing charge of fellowship legion forces was an incredibly powerful and immense eagle who’s race were called the rocks.


Plants that were dangling and trailing originally over and down once covering vast areas over the lower to mid high regions of the legendary pyramid mountains, but were now shrouded by vile magical mists as they swung in winds while dangling down the length of dark towers in the heart of the Nether Root province ruled by the demonic Craven.


Most of the young royals were between seven and twenty seven years old. The sky filled with rattling metal shafts, launching across the heavens like a storm of flaming darts at the enemy ships and at the surviving fifteen hundred plus raiders whom were pressing the small group of royalty ahead.

The large group of royals had formed a defensive circle to hold their lines against the raiders seeking to plunder the jewel encrusted daggers, swords, shields, golden wrist bands or armbands or the diamond, emerald or ruby clasps of their armor, or the indigo gemstone clasps of their gold and silver trimmed crimson tunics and the myriad of jewels on their royal weapons and accouterments.

It was the capture of the royal’s treasured bejeweled splendor that drew the enemy mercenaries. Mounds of glistening gold, sparkling jewels and polished bright silver accouterments beckoned the plundering pirates. Vicious vikings that knew treasures won in battle came also in deeds worthy of praises, songs, jewels and a warriors afterlife.

Other treasure came in other forms for the murderous mercenaries. Glory lust came in battle and more than piles of jewels and gold were to be taken in via battle but through paid trade for life. Capturing a king or queen let alone any one of the younger royals themselves, actively presented huge new opportunities for immediate profit and wealth.

If a possible capture of one or more royals could be attained all would be worth the risks. The murderous mercenary enemy could and would ask for a literal kings ransomed. A demanded payment in vast ponderously immense treasures and negotiated conditions granting power over lands or rights of clear passages. Conditions offering the mercenaries freedom to plunder unhindered in new granted lands, that a future kidnapping, might afford the raiders should they escape with a royal or two.

The circle was tight as the enemy dove in with howling screams and swinging twin blade axes, double edged long swords, or thrusting spears with their swift true flying whirling bejeweled dinosaur bone handled daggers. Other attackers swung chains attached to hooks into the circle of royals seeking to hook a victim as one would gaff a shark at sea and in so hooking the royal they mighty have a hostage.

But each royal skillfully moved panther like, side stepping the hook and chains. The young royals were actively striking out fearlessly with the speed of a snapping whip. Perry thrust block, slash stab roll, lunge jab slice, the swift movements merged with flawless decisive skillful battle arts.

These tense moments were followed by remarkable acts of courage against relentless vicious acts of carnage from the enemy that despite the constant havoc or battlefield furies, the royalty still held the enemy at bay. Next the vikings, mercenaries and pirates pressing further while attacking, soon had their limbs sliced off, bodies thrust through, heads lopped cleanly off. Cries arose fearfully from the enemies.

Heads were cleaved from top skullcap crown to shoulders and all this at the peak of battle, had left most in the area drenched in arterial spraying rains of crimson mists and showering blood. It was then, just as the legions were rushing in towards the royalties, in order to aid them after having finally found vantages and fought through to where they could soon have reached the encircled young royalty.

Some of the young royalty had noticed the advances of their parents and their support legions. Just then shouts roared loudly from great hosts as the royal parents joined with renewed efforts of fury into the conflict. Due to desperate concerns of the royal parents the legions pressed hard and so they cascaded into the fray of chaos and carnage. Supported now by the legions pouring in the enemy could be heavily targeted and the mercenary vikings, barbarians and plundering pirates would well wish the venture had never been attempted.

The remaining raiders who had already noted the legions approach turned quickly and started scrambling up the knotted ropes to those few of the reaming dirigibles, who’s embattled mainframes and damaged ship hull sections were not so completely scuttled.

All the mercenary dirigible air ships were already smoldering and splintered. Some of enemies main fleet of flying pirate ships had sustained lesser damage avoiding the fate of those others already aflame, partially splinter blown apart, or rent asunder in crashed heaps upon the crater blackened, blood soaked smoldering battlefield and body strewn scared and torn ravaged areas across the grounds of the heavy conflict.

One last group attempted to capture the three young princesses, Vanessa. It was then that elderly king Joseph already covered in cuts, deep bleeding fast gushing wounds and blood drenched armor leaped in front of the attackers and fell under the scores of additional crippling thrusts and flesh renting slashes before the raiders whom were still not smart enough to leave quickly or take flight and were themselves soon taken down by the remaining royals.


Soon seventeen of the pirate ships had fallen from the sky or exploded in mid air scattering burning or smoldering debris over large areas and as for the remaining eight other pirate ships, three would soon be exploding or were now completely engulfed in raging infernos of amber flames and thick black smoke.

The remaining five raiding ships soon had been routed into full retreat bearing brutal battle damages and trailing thick black smoke as they limped off slowly and low across the sky, since most carried double the usual members of their mercenary clan. The murderous mercenary clans, which had scrambled upon the remaining enemies ships had indeed so weighted down the attackers vessels, that the airships were also low and slowly rising as wobbling and shifting damaged airships.

For the fact was that the dirigibles and their sails themselves were punctured in spots or heavily damaged and were likely having their solar sail energies interrupted and aloft raising gasses were escaping as the dirigibles began loosing whistling steam, gushing smoke, flushing forth hot air and drifting outward massive quantities of helium.

They could be seen fleeing amid smoldering ash clouds and raging crimson amber flames that trailed through the darkening heavens. End of day heavens that were still currently lit by the three different colored slow setting sun’s last lingering majestic rays. Rays of color from twilight’s falling denoting perhaps an enemies end trailed in black smoke and blazing flames across the mysterious planet of Azure’s multiple streaked sky filled with bands of emerald green, purple, sky blue, amber and orange heavens.

The legions once again began to secure the perimeter and started the raising of the prefabricated sections of the camp and refit the stockades defenses. Our own Imperial Air-go-naught air craft carrier size fleet of legions and air cover support would soon be leaving from their current patrols to join us during our journey.

Eventually the union of legions would have to travel far and wide for the full three difficult expeditionary weeks, toward Black Talon Town, leaving only a legion or two at each stockade to be erected along our journey every day or two distance until reaching Black Talon Town and the infamous Dragon Spine Inn.

Soon after restocking at Black Talon Town the legions would part company and would divide along the twelve separate crossroad lines which forked out from behind Black Talon’s infamous Dragon Spine Inn. The journey from behind the Dragon Spine Inn in the back of the village of Black Talon Town, to the fringe frontier would be a shorter one. Perhaps a journey taking only three to five days.

The three suns of Azure were finally setting birthing the night and revealing brightly the seven inhabited lunar orbs orbiting across Azure’s heavens. The thunderous crashing cracking sounds and roaring beasts screams and screeching had permeated the air for days and now actually seemed to grow closer with each hour feeding our day dreams, night dreads and ever present imaginations. On this new night only hours after the brutal surprise attack by the twenty five hundred and their twenty five pirate ships, the source of the sounds would soon reveal themselves.

A source likely attracted by the thick strong smell of blood so powerful it left the taste of bitter herbs and copper in your mouth as you breathed in the heavy scented air into your lungs. Surely these smells with those common orders known with death, even after rendering prayer for the survivors families and comrades in arms, around a mass funeral bomb fire, could not disguise the scents that lingered or prevented the sounds of the previous battle noises which would have echoed for many miles.

The posted centurions and legion guards on the walkways that traced along the inside upper region of the first defensive outer stockade walls, were the first to hear the ear shaking, bone shuddering, thunderous snapping of rows of trees and to actually see the mega monstrous three hundred foot serpent. The enormous snake burst through the tree lines and in a sweeping bobbing motion gobbled up three tall well armored warriors from atop the fortification’s stockade wall in a single lunge and with one single gulp.

In the next instant it then hissed sharply while snaking swiftly about swerving in serpentine undulations, while dozens of other legionaries and allied warriors of the Ring Realms on guard duty protecting the stockade fortress outpost attacked the creature. The guards were high on the walkway and soon started shooting spears, arrows and axes at the cold blooded gigantic beast. Each warrior acting in defending all of the whole of fellowship of legions, their loyal allies, the essential merchant caravans and the vast hosts of civilian colonists destined to open continental Usher and it’s fringe frontier.

Gabriel Jon the brave and his brother prince Evander Micheal the bold rallied the men on watch over the giant cross bows bellow, which were strategically set back from the first stockade gate, just as the giant serpent reared over one hundred fifty feet high into the ebony darkness and foggy shrouding mists lingering through the jungles of Usher. Mists that were clinging low, ghostly floating swiftly but ever so softly over the wild regions and over much of the areas during continental Usher’s steadily dampening, and cooling current stretch of colder nights.

The planet of Azure’s seven moons and it’s stars gave off their light, but the growing darkness and shrouding fog and mists hid much of the great serpent from view. All looked up at the towering monster. Yet all but the huge snakes piercing bright yellow eyes and ivory fangs could be seen at that height, especially in the cold bitter darkness and shadowing shrouds of the nights growing darkness that filled with thickening damp clouds and cold misty fogs.

Underneath the majority of the half too two thirds of the enormous snakes main body, remained as the shifting and coiled lower portion of the huge serpent moved with it’s massive shield hard, plow sheer sharp scales scraping furrows into the earth. The enormous snake’s slinking massive and fast undulating body poised to shift as it snapped tall trees with it’s powerful lower sections just as it’s upper massive head with fang filled mouth gaping wide open, long tongue lashing about to sample smell the air as the serpents glowing eye’s locked firm to target and to strike once again.

Prince Tyler and prince Noah were each desperately commanding on separate watchtowers with a six score of men who’s positioning on the two of the seven one hundred fifty foot watchtowers gave them the only clear crossfire fix on the serpents head.

Greek fire catapulted out from the two nearest watchtowers, at the huge serpent. The balls of flame came from both watchtowers while giant crossbows below launched huge poison tipped arrows, that struck target and tore deep into the hard scales and shinny smooth flesh of the gigantic serpent that glowed reflective in spots under the beaming shafts of light from Azure’s seven moons. The monster sought to strike again and devour more of the men on the stockade walkway with one lunging swing and then sought to strike the watchtowers and great crossbows with two other swift stabbing swings and lightening fast hard striking lunges.

The enormous serpent lashed out once more this time at the towers harboring Gabriel’s royal cousins. It was when another huge crossbow arrow struck again into the giant snake creature which once more set it’s anger focused furiously, redirecting its venomous rage and soul piercing attentions and again it began lunging at all the targets repeatedly. Again the beast sought to repeatedly striking at the fellowship legion forces, the defensive giant crossbow units, the tall watchtowers and anything else that caught the attention of the more than three hundred foot heavily armor thick, iron hard scaled enormous serpents eyes.

Prince Gabriel would have none of that so he left prince Evander, princesses Gloria, Sophia and Vanessa to apply continued leadership in firing the giant crossbow bolts while he mounted his huge winged armored battle griffin called Arrow. The great griffin had been chained to a large rock for the night and had roared with a fearsome rage at the enormous snake during the battle. Prince Gabriel’s griffin was quickly unchained. Soon both rider and mount circled swiftly around the giant snake striking the serpent repeatedly.

Arrow struck savagely with huge, razor sharp hooked beak and iron hard, spear long, grappling hook curved talons. Arrow slashed swiftly and often while Gabriel and his huge griffin circled the beast. It was Arrow’s continued attack now set faithfully well and furiously towards the goal of actively distracting the enormous monsters gaze.

The demonic serpents attentions were fixed. The great undulating snakes attentions once occupied allowed Gabriel to act out a cunning ploy. Simultaneously as the griffin Arrow attacked, the young prince Gabriel stabbed, slashed and hacked furiously at neck, body and head of the huge serpent in hopes of luring the serpents blood lust rages to follow him while he flew in quick changing patterns all while he engaged in battle as he sat or stood smartly while ridding on Arrows back. The coldblooded monstrous serpent would follow and fall into a trap that would hopefully seal its fate.

Taking the tempting bate flying around its head, the enraged mammoth iron hard scaled, three hundred twenty foot serpent raged furiously. the enormous reptilian beasts angry swaying invoked the frightful snake to strike again and as it lunged forward fully onto the tree long, spring loaded stockade poles.

Violently thrashing about the gigantic snake swung and coiled it’s enormous body until it slowly faltered in a series of lingering violent hissing death rattles. In moments the monster snake slowly throbbed and twisted in decreasing undulating shudders. Finally the giant serpent collapsed into a coiled shiny scale covered heap and fell into a slump in complete silence as a yellowish blood spewed forth abundantly from gaping wounds to finally subside as ribbons of rising steam escaped in drifting coils from its wounds and lifted wafted high into the cool evening air.


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