New Events Calendar / Shows, Tournaments, Book & Game Launches.

Next event is a continuation of  the all new “Kingdom Keep – Battle Fleet” Risk on vintage or classic Risk Board Games, at the Woodstock Ont. Boston Pizza. Date for this  Free Event is  Sat. Jan. 14th, 2017  from 10 am. – 4 pm. Come to this  Free  Family  Game  Day   &  Local  Food  Drive  Event.  At Boston Pizza Woodstock, 431 Norwich Ave, Woodstock, Ont, 519-536-7800. We Are Proud To Support Local Food Banks. Will you join us for a fun day of  Free Risk Board Game Tournament Play?  And will you share in helping the Community Food Drive in your region?  To play just bring a bag of Non-Perishable Food to Boston Pizza and place it the large box just inside the Boston Pizza main doors. You will find the box on the bench. Leave your name, phone number and address at the desk care of Amanda and with the organizer Joseph by calling 226-777-1618 and this will allow us to prepare the game tables for your arrival.  Bring a Bag of non-perishable food and you can play.  Bring a large Box of 20 lbs or more of non-perishable food and you can have 5 or 6 other family members or friends join you at the table as players for Free! 

Come for the fun!  The Food meal deals!  And come to help the local food drive event.

New updates. Yes Joseph Arena of will once again be presenting a New Faster Version of the Classic Strategy Board Game of Vintage Risk in an awesome fan fun and exciting  new Risk Tournament at the London Comic Con in October 13th – 15th, 2017. Fantastic and wonderful prizes will also once more be issued to tournament winners.

In addition to the Kingdom Keep Battle Fleet Risk Tournament, Canadian author, artist and game inventor Joseph Arena, will be introducing numerous past and recently developed games for the Canada 150 Celebrations. All of the selected Canada 150 Celebration chosen by Arena for the exhibition will be available for viewing during the the Oct. 13 – 15 ,2017 London Comic Com. A Special Collective of several of these new games created by Joseph Arena, that required 150+ to 300+ hours of  work to complete by hand, and these original games will be Auctioned Off for different charities. Some limited edition collector issues of a certain number of Joseph Arena’s new games will be printed up and made readily available. Note only 10 or 20 copies of each game selected for sale will be offered for the Canada 150 Celebration. Each of these limited edition short run games will be numbered and signed by the creator of the game. Rare and valuable the collector games that Joseph Arena invented for the Canada 150 year celebration will be sold for only $150.00 each and as a Canadian commemorative product will feature unique games like the WORLD LEADERS CHALLENGE – PM VS POUTS – a  game that will be better known as TRUDEAU VS TRUMP. Come see the exhibit. Beta test a new game. Don’t forget to select the new game you want to purchase.